Grinder Cleaner (Black Leaf) 50 ml

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With this liquid grinder cleaner from Black Leaf you can make short work of that nasty deposit in your grinder. The safe, yet strong formula of this cleaning fluid has been specially developed for cleaning any grinder. Whether you have a wooden, metal, acrylic or silicone grinder. This way you save your tool, but also your health. There is 50 ml in the bottle.

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Any weed crusher, shredder or grinder gets dirty. And the annoying thing about this is that everything gets stuck in your weed grinder which stops it from turning properly and you have to get bits of weed out yourself. No panic. Cleaning a plastic or metal grinder? We have the solution.

Cleaning a Grinder with Grinder Cleaner

The smart formula in the Grinder Cleaner is a great asset for any weed smoker. You use these drops to get rid of stubborn dirt in your grinder. We've tested it and it really works! Disassemble, drop, scrub and rinse. You don’t have to do any more than that. The benefits at a glance:

  • Gets grinder clean in 10 minutes
  • Suitable for all materials (plastic, wood and metal grinders)
  • Weed grinder no longer sticks and turns smoothly after use.

Cleaning your grinder isn’t the most fun thing to do. That’s why we say: prevention is better than cure! We recommend that you treat your new grinder with this grinder cleaner every couple of weeks. Doing this will prevent stubborn dirt forming and you won’t have to scrub that much. Clean your grinder every 2 weeks with this spray and you’ll get lifelong use out of your weed crusher! 

Step-by-step plan:

  1. Take your weed grinder apart
  2. Use a couple of drops on each component
  3. Use an old toothbrush or pipe cleaners. Scrub your grinder completely clean for about 5 minutes. Make sure you get into all the nooks and crannies.
  4. Rinse off each component with hot water (don’t immerse or leave them to soak).
  5. Allow to dry and that’s it finished!

Do you want a grinder that doesn’t stick? No more cleaning your grinder ever? That's possible with the SLX Weed Grinder. The special coating in these crushers ensures that nothing gets stuck. Find it in the recommended products.

About Black Leaf

Black Leaf has been designing and producing smoking wares such as bongs, grinders, vaporizers and much more for over 20 years. The German company works closely with production partners around the world and is continuously designing new products to keep up with market trends in its own design bureau. In addition to its many innovations, Black Leaf’s variety of products in each segment makes it a unique brand for smoking wares. And all from its own production. Guaranteed quality, direct from the manufacturer.

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Grinder Cleaner (Black Leaf) 50 ml

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