Pipe Cleaner / Bong Brush 330 mm

Pipe Cleaner / Bong Brush 330 mm
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Bong Cleaner Brush. You want to keep your marijuana bong, waterpipe of shisha clean in an easy way? Then choose a brush to properly clean the insides of your smoking attributes. This product is a must-have for the regular smoker. The total length is 330 mm, the brush has a length of 100 mm and a diameter of 50 mm. This is the biggest size Bong Cleaner we have. Increase the life span of your water pipe by keeping it clean. It will furthermore benefit the taste of the smoking contents!



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Bong Cleaner

This is a brush which easily cleans your bong, waterpipe or shisha. Using the brush you can also brush inside your smoke attributes and clean them. This brush is an indispensable tool for the regular user. This is the brush of the biggest size. Ideal to use as Bong Cleaner.

Properties of the Bong Cleaner Brush:

  • Total length: 330mm
  • Length Brush: 100mm
  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Biggest Size Bong Cleaner

Cleaning your weed pipe, bong or vaporizer is important for taste and longevity. Through regular cleaning, the taste of your smoking products remains pure. Works very well with the Class Bong and THC Cleaner.

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