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The high-quality 3-meter aluminum flexible ventilation hose is ideal for establishing an efficient return air route in your grow room. It provides necessary air circulation and ensures that filtered air is removed effectively. It is sturdy and flexible, consisting of two layers of strong aluminum foil and polyester laminate with a steel wire spiral for a maximum length of 3 meters. In addition, it is treated with fire retardant adhesive for added safety. The ventilation hose is available in different diameters 10, 12.5 or 15 centimeters. Ensure an airtight seal with appropriate hose clamps (recommended products).

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High quality aluminum Flexible Ventilation Hose 3 meters long to exhaust air from your grow room.

Air Circulation

Fresh air is essential for your grow room, but old air needs to get out. That's what your exhaust system is for. Not only your plants but perhaps you or neighbors benefit from the filtered air being properly extracted. Therefore, always make sure that the hose is attached with a hose clamp (recommended products). Make sure that the diameter of the ventilation hose and that of the hose clamp match to ensure that the seal is completely airtight.

Sturdy and flexible

The Flexibele Ventilation hose 3m consists of two layers: one of strong aluminum foil and one polyester laminate. Thanks to the steel wire spiral, the ventilation hose can be up to 3 meters long, and of course shorter as needed. To be extra cautious, the ventilation hose is treated with a fire-retardant glue.

Specifications Flexible Ventilation Hose

  • Available with diameter of 10, 12.5 or 15 centimeters
  • Length is 3 meters
  • High quality aluminum foil & polyester laminate
  • Full steel wire spiral
  • Treated with fire retardant glue
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