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These handy hose clamps provide an airtight ventilation system and use a worm drive to tighten and loosen the clamps. The worm drive consists of a screw-like thread that wraps around the hose or pipe when tightened and relaxes when loosened, allowing easy adjustment of clamp tension. The hose clamps are available in 10, 12.5 and 15 centimeters.

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Make sure your ventilation system is airtight with these handy hose clamps!

Worm Drive

Worm drive is a mechanism used to tighten and loosen the hose clamp. It consists of a screw-like wire, the worm, that wraps around the hose or pipe when you tighten the clamp. When you loosen the clamp, the wire relaxes, making it easy to remove the clamp. This design allows you to quickly and efficiently adjust the tension on the clamp and quickly attach or detach the clamp,

Hose Clamp Specifications.

The ventilation hose clamps come in 3 variations: 10, 12.5 and 15 centimeters. Your choice of grow tent, ventilation system or the diameter of your drain hoses must match. Therefore, always check that these correspond.


Blauberg stands for innovative technology and timeless design in ventilation. With an extensive range of fans and accessories, Blauberg is now known worldwide. Blauberg stands out within the ventilation industry thanks to their wide range of products, ranging from domestic to industrial solutions.

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