Hydroponics Cannabis Fertilizer & Boxsets

There are many kinds of weed nutrients. From growth nutrition to flowering nutrition and from root stimulator to PK booster. Would you rather buy everything at once? Then choose a plant nutrition pre-set. There are small ones for the beginner grower, but also extensive starter kits full of plant nutrition for weed. Would you like to grow hydro? All the special plant nutrients for hydroponics can also be found on this page. Whether you are growing weed on coconut, rockwool or hydro pellets. We have the perfect weed nutrition for every grow!

Sensitive Cannabis Plants

We will just get to the point: cannabis plants are sensitive and that makes growing a cannabis plant an intensive process. Sometimes it's just not working for you and your cannabis plant screams for specific weed nutrition. If you do not meet this need, you will slowly see your cannabis plant languish. Save her - and mainly yourself - from this agony! We have cannabis fertilizer discount sets here, so you can meet (very) special needs. The fertilizer is suitable for every cannabis plant, even for the most sensitive.

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Plant Nutrition Weed Discount Sets

There is a great amount of plant nutrition for weed. Weed food, is what it is popularly called. The best known are the basic nutrition: growth nutrition and bloom nutrition. Then there are all sorts of supplements such as root stimulator, bloom stimulator or PK booster. Then there are special types of plant nutrition for hydroponic mediums (more on that later). Do you want to grow on coconut or hydro granules for example? Then you need special plant nutrition that is suitable for that medium.

Lost track? Then go for a weed nutrition pre-set from our collection. These usually contain various kinds of liquid plant nutrition that you can use throughout the grow. There are small starter packs for beginners, but also extensive starter packs. Do you grow organically? For that too there are special starter sets with only organic plant food. So: want to buy plant food (for the first time)? Then go for a handy starter pack.

Fertilizer for The Different Phases of Growing Cannabis

Growing cannabis is a process. The cannabis plant goes through a couple of phases before she reaches maturity. Every phase has specific needs and characteristics. As a grower, you have to take this into account in order to increase the yield of your cannabis plant. The different phases are: 

  1. Germination
  2. Seedlings 
  3. Growth 
  4. Flowering 
  5. Harvest 

Our plant food pre-sets often contain basic nutrients and/or supplements for each phase of growing. A pre-set always contains basic nutrition for the growth and flowering stage. Extended pre-sets also contain products that you can use during germination, the seedling phase and the harvest.

Our Weed nutrition Pre-sets

Hydro Growing | Hydroponics

Hydro growing is also known as hydroponics. It simply means growing on water. Instead of soil or potting compost, you use another medium in hydroponics. You can grow hydro with hydro grains (clay granules), rock wool or coconut fiber. You can grow on coconut simply by replacing the earth with coconut fiber. If you choose hydro grains or rock wool, you will need a drip system. You will also find deep water culture here. Enough choice! Want to know more? Read the blog “Hydro Growing for Beginners”.

Growing on coconut fiber

Growing on coconut / coconut fiber is the most accessible way of growing hydro as it is similar to growing in soil. Yet there is a very big difference: you need different nutrition and you have to give nutrition every time you water. Unlike soil, coco does not contain a nutrient buffer. For hydroponics through coconut fibers you need, for example Plagron Cocos A&B. You can use this very well if you are growing in Cocos Brix from Plagron. Want to know more? Check out the blog “Growing on coconut fiber”.

Growing Hydro with Clay granules, hydro granules or rockwool

If you are going to grow hydro with rock wool or clay granules / hydro granules, then you need different nutrition. Use Plagron Hydro A&B for a great result. This plant nutrition has been specially developed for hydroponics. Read more about it on the product page.

Plant nutrition from Advanced Nutrients for all growing media

Another option is the plant nutrition from Advanced Nutrients. This brand has developed plant nutrition that is suitable for all growing media. Growing hydro without too much fuss? Then buying Advanced Nutrients is certainly a good option. Take a good look at the various products. Check out the information and use it to your advantage. 

Cannabis Fertilizer from Plagron 

Plagron is the brand for high-quality plant nutrition (cannabis fertilizer). This was not always the case for Plagron. In 1992 she began as a small worm farm. Meanwhile there is nothing 'small' anymore about Plagron. Now, she is a large company that supplies organic products to any countries. Their goal? Supplying (Cannabis) fertilizer to every grower. From novice to experienced ones. That way you - as a grower - can double your yields. 

First Aid for Growing Cannabis Check Out Our Blog!

A plant nutrition pre-set is ideal for beginner growers. You do not have to find out for yourself which types of plant nutrition you need. Everything has already been put together for you in one complete pre-set. 

Are you a starting grower or do you simply lack the green thumbs? Do not panic. For this we have a solution as well. Check out our (cannabis) blog. In there we have clear, distinct articles and indispensable tips for growing. From (leaf) problems to - in a natural way - control pests. And are you having a hard time working it out yourself? Please call our customer service. Our cannabis experts are happy to help you with providing first aid to your cannabis plant.