Medihemp = Quality

Nowadays, CBD suppliers emerge like mushrooms. Some suppliers offer even greater miracles than others. At the Dutch-Headshop, we have an important rule: quality first. Medihemp is the perfect example of such a high-quality CBD brand. For example, Medihemp has an official quality mark for organic hemp cultivation (SKAL certification). Medihemp furthermore provides full insight into the used ingredients of, for example, CBD oils, while it measures the actual beneficial substances present. More transparent, is not possible.

Medihemp CBD Oil and More

Besides CBD oil, Medihemp also offers other CBD products with varying CBD percentages. From 2.5%, up to even 18% CBD. The product assortment of Medihemp consists of: 

  • CBD oil and CBG oil
  • Hemp seed oil
  • CBD capsules

Austrian Ladies with energy

The company Medihemp finds its origins in Austria. Over there, two enthusiastic sisters and a friend built up the label. Together, they share their love for hemp. Their vision? Allow everyone to benefit from hemp plants and CBD, both users and farmers who provide the hard work. With this in mind, they have built the brand up from the ground, quite literally. Thanks to hard work, the results are great. Today arable fields are filled with industrial, organic hemp plants for all Medihemp products, shining under the Austrian sun.

100% Pure Nature

Organic is not a question for Medihemp, but a requirement. All CBD oils, hemp seed oils and CBD capsules from Medihemp are organically certified. This also means no unnecessary products are being added. For example, hemp plants are not being sprayed with pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Only water and sunlight benefit these CBD products. Because of this natural approach, Medihemp's CBD oil may vary per batch. This does not mean the product contains other ingredients, or the composition has changed. This is, of course, strictly controlled by independent labs. No single day in nature is equal, so its appearance, taste or smell can vary after production.

Medihemp: Pure and Raw

Medihemp has a very extensive range of CBD products. From CBD Oil to Capsules. Besides, there is ample choice of different CBD percentages for you as a consumer. Because of this, there is really something for everyone. Apart from the difference in CBD percentage, you can also choose between Pure and Raw CBD products. The difference? The production method.

With Raw CBD oil, the hemp plant is extracted without any heating. As a result, certain cannabinoids from the hemp plant are preserved. In the case of pure CBD oil, heat is used during the production process, as a result of which especially the hemp plant's cannabidiol is preserved. In terms of taste, one can also taste the difference between Pure and Raw. The Raw variant has a stronger taste compared to the Pure one. For this reason, many people prefer the taste of Pure CBD products. On the other hand, Raw contains more than just CBD.

You would like to try CBD oil, CBD capsules or Hemp seed oil from Medihemp? 

Getting enthusiastic about the approach of the Austrian girls from Medihemp and CBD oil? Check out our product assortment! You got any questions? Send them to our customer service. They will have an answer ready within two hours.


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