Hydroponics Cannabis Fertilizer & Boxsets

Brown/yellow spots on the leaves of your cannabis plant? No reason to panic; Dutch-Headshop knows what to do. We have a very specific and special fertilizer for cannabis here. This allows you to provide first aid to your depleted cannabis plant in no time. From powerful boosters to a very specific seed booster plus. This will allow your cannabis plant to recover on its own. And your yield? Perhaps you even double it...

Sensitive Cannabis Plants

We will just get to the point: cannabis plants are sensitive and that makes growing a cannabis plant an intensive process. Sometimes it's just not working for you and your cannabis plant screams for specific weed nutrition. If you do not meet this need, you will slowly see your cannabis plant languish. Save her - and mainly yourself - from this agony! We have special cannabis fertilizer here, so you can meet (very) special needs. The fertilizer is suitable for every cannabis plant, even for the most sensitive. From seed booster to the lowering or increasing of pH-value for your cannabis plant(s). 

Want to know more about the base needs of your cannabis plant? Read our blog about how you prevent leaf problems »

The Different Phases of Growing Cannabis

Growing cannabis is a process. The cannabis plant goes through a couple of phases before she reaches maturity. Every phase has specific needs and characteristics. As a grower, you have to take this into account in order to increase the yield of your cannabis plant. The different phases are: 

  1. Germination
  2. Seedlings 
  3. Growth 
  4. Flowering 
  5. Harvest 

Special Cannabis Fertilizer For Every Occasion

During the different phases of the cannabis plant you have specific cannabis fertilizer. Nonetheless, it does occur that something goes wrong and the cannabis plant needs something extra. To meet that need we have cannabis fertilizer that fulfills these specific needs. All organic. You will find in our assortment: 

  • Seedbooster plus is indispensable for growers with little patience. This product is an absolute germ accelerator, which accelerates the germination cycle of your seeds, and protects your cannabis plant against fungi and bacteria. 
  • PH min: ideal when the pH-value of your cannabis plant is too high and needs to be lowered. 
  • Pure enzyme is an organic soil enhancer. You use this product the first five weeks of your cycle during sowing.
  • PK 13-14 is the product during the development of the root system and ensures a richer and heavier flowering. Ideal for the flowering phase of your cannabis plant.

Cannabis Fertilizer from Plagron 

Plagron is the brand for high-quality plant nutrition. (cannabis fertilizer) This was not always the case for Plagron. In 1992 she began as a small worm farm. Meanwhile there is nothing 'small' anymore about Plagron. Now, she is a large company that supplies organic products to any countries. Their goal? Supplying (Cannabis) fertilizer to every grower. From novice to experienced ones. That way you - as a grower - can double your yields. 

First Aid for Growing Cannabis Check Out Our Blog!

Are you a starting grower or do you simply lack the green thumbs? Do not panic. For this we have a solution as well. Check out our (cannabis) blog. In there we have clear, distinct articles and indispensable tips for growing. From (leaf) problems to - in a natural way - control pests. And are you having a hard time working it out yourself? Please call our customer service. Our cannabis experts are happy to help you with providing first aid to your cannabis plant. 


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