Algerian Blend | Herbal High 6 gram

Algerian Blend | Herbal High 6 gram

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An unbeatable mix of 6 different herbs. Algerian Blend is a strong herbal mix which can induce psychoactive effects. Forming the contents of this herbal mix are well-known herbs like Wild Lettuce, Damiana, Skullcap, Wormwood, Passion Flower and Kanna. Each and every one a popular herb which has won its heroic status due to the powerful effects that it induces. You can vape Algerian Blend, or it’s possible to eat it or use it for brewing tea. A packet contains no less than 6 grammes. Time to space out!

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Algerian Blend

With this spacemix from Herbal High, you can get really spaced out at high dosages. Algerian Blend consists of a mix of Wild Lettuce, Damiana, Skullcap, Wormwood, Passion Flower and Kanna. 6 herbs, each of which has already individually made a name for itself. And then, just think, all these herbs have been brought together in a single package. No wonder then that Algerian Blend can induce powerful effects.


  • Unique mix of 6 popular herbs
  • Can be used in several ways
  • Works psychoactively
  • Immediate effect
  • Packaged in a convenient plastic bag


With Algerian Blend you don’t have to wait long or have a lot of patience because the effects of this powerful herbal mixture are immediately noticeable. The effects of Algerian Blend are diverse. Needless to say, they are dependent on the amount you take. A small amount of the herbs will produce a relaxed and mellow feeling, while the effect of a high dosage will resemble that of opium. Are you planning to trip? Then take a high dosage. Please keep in mind that the effect may diminish after a short time. If you want to continue the trip then you need to take another dose in time.

How do you use Algerian Blend?

Algerian Blend can be used in several ways. You can vape it, eat or drink it. When you buy Algerian Blend, it’s up to you how you take the herbs. If you’re vaping it, set the vaporizer to a temperature of 180°C. Would you rather drink Algerian Blend? Then make a delicious cup of tea with it.

Packaging contents

  • 6 grammes of Algerian Blend


A bag of Algerian Blend contains 6 grammes. The mixture consists of damiana, skullcap, wormwood, wild lettuce, passion flower and valerian, steeped in valerian and wild lettuce extract.

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Algerian Blend | Herbal High 6 gram

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