Zip Lock Bags 70x100 transparant with leaf (0.07mm)

Zip Lock Bags 70x100 transparant with leaf (0.07mm)
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You would like to keep your marijuana, tobacco or smoking materials air-tight? Then we got the solution for you! Go for the 70x100 zipper bags with a weed leaf. Keep your cannabis or hashish fresh for longer. These zipper bags are suitable for about 4 grams of dried weed. They are delivered per 100 bags. The bags are made of polyethylene: 0.07 mm. Your cannabis will stay fresh longer with these zipper bags. Experience the benefits yourself and you won't look around further!


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Store weed and herbs in zipper bags

There is really only one way to store your weed and keep it fresh (for a long time): a zipper bag. Zipper bags are bags you can use to store and seal in your weed, hash and other herbs. They protect the content and ensure that nothing else gets mixed in with them. Moreover, your weed stays fresh for longer because the bags are airtight.


  • Airtight storage for weed and herbs
  • Colour: transparent
  • Closure: zip fastener
  • Keep weed and hash fresh (for longer)
  • Fit easily in your jacket or trouser pocket
  • Dimensions: 70x100 mm (wxl)
  • Polyethylene: 0.07 mm
  • Suitable for approximately 4 grammes of weed or hash
  • Printed with cannabis leaf

100 zipper bags

With this deal, you get a stock of 100 zipper bags at home. This means you’ll always have plenty around. Perfect when you want to give someone a bit of weed. Zipper bags are also ideal for growers who want to divide up the harvest into small quantities.

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Dimensions 70 x 100 mm
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