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The Zeus Iceborn is a unique Ice Filter for the vaporizers from Zeus Arsenal. You can fill the filter with water, freeze it and connect it to your vaporizer. With the Zeus Iceborn you can enjoy extremely cool and soft smoke each time you inhale. Unlike many water filters, with the Iceborn you keep all the active substances. The bitter flavours are filtered out of the vapour leaving you with the pure taste of cannabis. What’s more, you produce gigantic clouds of vapour with the Ice Filter. At least as big as with a normal joint. A real asset for your Zeus Vaporizer! Please not: to use the Iceborn with the Zeus Arc GT, you need the Iceborn Adapter. This is not supplied with this product and you should order it separately (see recommended products).

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Zeus Iceborn

A high-quality accessory for Zeus Vaporizers. The Zeus Iceborn is a revolutionary ice filter which is unique amongst vaporizer accessories. Connect the Zeus Iceborn to your vaporizer with silicone airtubes and enjoy exceptionally cool and soft vapour. This lets you take extra long drags and blow out gigantic clouds of vapour. Even more than with a real joint! A fantastic addition to your Zeus Vaporizer and an enrichment of your vaping experience.

The V2 update makes the Iceborn even more user-friendly thanks to the "Aluminum Heat Exchanger". Assembly, disassembly and cleaning are now easier than ever.

Note: to connect the Zeus Iceborn to your Zeus Arc GT, you need a Zeus Iceborn Adapter. This is not included and must be ordered separately (see recommended products). Because the adapter is made of silicone and the tube must connect seamlessly to the adapter, it may take some effort to connect your Zeus Iceborn Ice Filter. Use the narrow tube that you get with the Iceborn for this. With the necessary effort you can attach it and no more valuable vapor will be lost. You do not need an extra adapter for the Zeus Smite.

Benefits of the Zeus Iceborn:

  • Unique Ice Filter
  • Very good vapour cooling
  • Longer and softer inhaling
  • Extremely large vapour production
  • Taste sensation
  • More efficient than water filtration
  • Suitable for the Zeus Arc GT (only with adapter), Zeus Smite and many other vaporizers*.

*Do you want to use the Zeus Iceborn with a vaporizer that is not from Zeus Arsenal? Please check if the tubes fit on the mouthpiece of your vaporizer.

Cool and Soft Vapour

The vapour you normally inhale directly from your vaporizer now goes via silicone airtubes through the ice filter. Because the vapour ‘glides over the ice’ as it were, it is extremely well cooled. Cool vapour feels more supple in the throat and lungs. All bitter flavours are filtered out of the vapour. What you are left with is the pure taste of cannabis or other herbs.

Better than Water Filters

You can buy a water filter as an accessory for many vaporizers. In contrast to water filters, the Zeus Iceborn works more efficiently. Water filters out all kinds of essential, active substances from your cannabis or herbs because the vapour actually goes through the water. With the Iceborn, the vapour merely slides past the ice. This means all the active substances are retained and you enjoy extra cool vapour.

The Iceborn is the first vaporizer feature in its class. No other vaporizer has a similar product in its range. That makes the Zeus IceBorn a one-of-a-kind accessory in the field of vaporizers.


The Zeus IceBorn Ice Filter is supplied with:

  • Zeus Iceborn ‘Bucket’
  • 1 large silicone airtube
  • 2 small silicone airtubes
  • 1 silicone mouthpiece for the airtube

Connecting and using the Zeus Iceborn

The Zeus Iceborn is a type of small bucket (dimensions: 11 x 8.6 cm). You can fill it with water, freeze it and connect it to your vaporizer with the Iceborn Adapter and silicone airtubes. Be careful when filling the Iceborn not to let the water go above the maximum water level. You can see this by the indicator marks on the inside. Allow all the water to freeze until it is a solid block of ice. A night in the freezer is sufficient.

You can connect a frozen Zeus Iceborn to your vaporizer with the airtubes and Iceborn Adapter. Connect the short tube to the outermost connection point of the Iceborn. Connect the other end to the Adapter. You connect the long silicone airtube to the middle connection point of the Iceborn. This is the tube you inhale with. Use the mouthpiece by fixing it to the long tube.

About Zeus Arsenal

Zeus Arsenal strives to produce high-quality products which are suitable for both the gods as well as mere mortals. Every day they dream about how they can make the vape from their vaporizers even better. It is their mission to provide progressive products ‘for the connoisseurs of tomorrow’ and they strive to continually forge ahead with innovation in the field of vaporizers.

The Canadian company works in collaboration with a German engineering team that is constantly thinking up solutions for vaporizers. The German developers think and work with an utmost precision which is unrivalled on the market.

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