Zeus ArcPods Triple Pack (15 pieces) | Zeus Arc Vaporizers

Zeus ArcPods Triple Pack (15 pieces) | Zeus Arc Vaporizers

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Would you like to be able to enjoy your Zeus Arc vaporizer more quickly? Want to avoid cleaning and quickly switch between different types of weed or herbs? Use the Zeus ArcPods. Instead of putting weed and herbs directly into your vaporizer, first fill these capsules. Each capsule fits approximately 0.3 grams. You can quickly and easily fill them with different types of weed and herbs. Once filled, you can take them anywhere. All you have to do is turn on your vaporizer and insert the ArcPod of your choice. The can now start vaping and your vaporizer stays clean because you don't put any herbs directly into the vaporizer. The Zeus ArcPods can be inserted into any Arc vaporizer. This Triple Pack contains 15 ArcPods and 45 matching lids.

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Quicker and Cleaner vaping

Want to use your Arc vaporizer quicker and keep it cleaner? Get these Zeus ArcPods. The Triple Pack includes 15 pieces and 45 matching lids. Why you should use ArcPods?

  • Quicker vaping. By filling ArcPods at home, you can enjoy your vaporizer wherever you are more quickly. Turn it on, load the ArcPod, wait a moment and start vaping!
  • Switch between different types of weed or herbs. Fill the ArcPods with different types of weed or herbs and switch to another type within seconds. 

  • Less cleaning. Because you don't put the herbs directly into your vaporizer, the vaporizer is less likely to get dirty. No residue builds up on the inside of your vaporizers.

Filling with the Xtruder

Using the Xtruder, you can fill Zeus ArcPods much quicker. The Xtruder is a large grinder. At the top is space for a large amount of weed. At the bottom, you put an arcpod. The Xtruder grinds exactly 0.3 grams of weed. This way, you can quickly fill the ArcPods one by one, ensuring that you take exactly the same dosage. 

The Xtruder is available with the Zeus Arc S Hub and Zeus Arc GTS Hub (see recommended products). It is not yet available separately.

Zeus ArcPods Compatibility

You can insert the Zeus ArcPods into the following vaporizers:

  • Zeus Arc GTS
  • Zeus Arc S
  • Zeus Arc GT*
  • Zeus Arc*

*You can use ArcPods in both the Zeus Arc GT vaporizer and the Zeus Arc vaporizer. However, they will not go in and out of the herb chamber as smoothly. Especially if you have previously put weed or herbs directly into the herb chamber, dirt can make them work less smoothly. It is best to start using the ArcPods right at the time you purchase the Zeus. If you want to do that later on, proper cleaning is a must.

Contents Zeus ArcPods Triple Pack

  • 15x Zeus ArcPods™
  • 45x Zeus ArcPod Lid

About Zeus Arsenal

Zeus Arsenal strives to produce high-quality products which are suitable for both the gods as well as mere mortals. Every day they dream about how they can make the vape from their vaporizers even better. It is their mission to provide progressive products ‘for the connoisseurs of tomorrow’ and they strive to continually forge ahead with innovation in the field of vaporizers. 

The Canadian company works in collaboration with a German engineering team that is constantly thinking up solutions for vaporizers. The German developers think and work with an utmost precision which is unrivalled on the market.

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For vaporizers Arc, Arc GT, Arc GTS, Arc S
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Zeus ArcPods Triple Pack (15 pieces) | Zeus Arc Vaporizers

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