pH Perfect Sensi Bloom A&B (Advanced Nutrients) 2 x 500 ml

pH Perfect Sensi Bloom A&B (Advanced Nutrients) 2 x 500 ml

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Please order both A and B. You cannot use them individually!

Always the right pH for growing weed, without the hassle of pH meters? Then choose pH Perfect technology from Advanced Nutrients.A fantastic 2-component bloom nutrition for the perfect foundation during the flowering of your weed plants. pH Perfect Sensi Bloom A&B contains 5 products in two bottles. More about this in the extensive product description.This bloom nutrition for weed can be given from the first bloom hairs up to and including the week before flushing. Sensi Grow and Bloom are suitable for all growing media.

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Sensi Bloom A is packaged separately from Sensi Bloom B.Note that you need both A and B. So order them both separately from this page.

pH Perfect Sensi Bloom is the complete flowering fertilizer for both beginning and more advanced growers. Don't be put off by the two components, because feeding is very simple. Follow this schedule per plant:

  • First week of flowering to penultimate week of flowering: 4 ml A + 4 ml B in 1 liter of water.

You can see it right away: when watering, give the same amount of Sensi Bloom A as of Sensi Bloom B.

For all Growth Media

Whether you are working in soil, coconut, stone wool, aero or with a drip system or deep water culture, Sensi Bloom is suitable for all types of growing media. Now, how often do you give Sensi Bloom A and B?

  • Soil/Potting soil: Every other watering.
  • Coconut fiber: Every watering.
  • Hydro and Aero system: Change nutrient water every week.

pH Perfect Technology

The concept of pH Perfect is simple. No fussing about with pH meters and litmus papers. Always the perfect acidity in the soil for the absorption of nutrients. The technology is so advanced that this nutrient brings the pH to the right value within seconds. Whether you are starting with 8.7 or 4.8. In other words: always the ideal pH in the soil, so that your weed plants can absorb the nutrients perfectly. Note: do you grow in hydroponics? Then we strongly recommend that you also measure your nutrient solution and drainage regularly. Aim for a pH of 5.8 to 6.0 when growing on coconut fiber.

Complete Nutrition for weed

Sensi Grow- and Bloom A&B contain 5 products from Advanced Nutrients.

  • Wet Betty - A non-ionic surfactant specially developed for weed plants. It reduces the surface tension in liquids and allows weed plants to absorb nutrients more easily.
  • Grandma Enggy’s H-2 (Humates) - Both humates and fulvates are extracted from volcanic rock, which is known to provide a rich nutrient medium for plants. The humates stimulate the root system and ensure that the nutrients are absorbed more easily.
  • Grandma Enggy’s F-1 (Fulvates) - Fulvates increase the permeability of the cell membranes of your weed plants. Together with Wet Betty, they can therefore absorb nutrients more quickly.
  • 20 L-Shape Amino acids - Promote plant growth and significantly increase yield.
  • Sensi-Bloom/Grow A&B - Of course, these bottles also contain the basic nutrient. The difference between Bloom and Grow is the ratio of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) and trace elements. This is why it is necessary to switch from growth to bloom nutrition when the buds begin to develop.

About Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients is a Canadian company of founder and owner Big Mike Straumietis that specializes in plant nutrition for weed plants. Advanced Nutrients' strictly scientific formulas are built on years of experience and the development of other products in the grow world such as ventilation and climate control. Five academics with phD's worked for years on the plant nutrition that you can now buy in our web shop. Advanced Nutrients has been featured in prestigious magazines such as Playboy, Forbes and Rosebud and appeared on TV at CNN, Showtime, CBS and even the weed television series Weeds.

SKU G-2406-2407
Brand Advanced Nutrients
Content 2 x 500 ml
Substrate / Medium Coconut Fibre, Hydro / Aero, Soil
Suitable for organic grow? No
Composition Liquid
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pH Perfect Sensi Bloom A&B (Advanced Nutrients) 2 x 500 ml

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