Power Buds (Plagron) 250 ml

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Quicken the flowering of your plants with Power Buds from Plagron! This powerful formula stimulates bud formation and promotes the flowering of your plants as soon as you switch to the flowering phase. Power Buds is easy to use. Shake the bottle well and add up to 1 ml to a litre of water. Use it with every watering until flushing, one to two weeks before harvest. One bottle contains 250 ml, allowing you to make 250 litres of nutrient water. Power Buds is suitable for growing in soil, coco or hydroponic systems and does not affect EC levels. Choose Power Buds and enjoy excellent growing performance! Plagron, a trusted name in high-quality plant nutrition for 25 years.

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Power Buds Accelerates Flowering

Power Buds stimulates bud formation and flowering of your plants from the moment you switch to the flowering phase.

Dosage and usage Plagron Power Buds

When using Plagron Power Buds, shake well first. Add a maximum of 1 ml Power Buds to a litre of water (i.e. 1 to 1000). Apply the moment you switch from the growth phase to the flowering phase. Use Plagron Power Buds with every watering until flushing, one to two weeks before harvest.

Use Power Buds in combination with other Plagron Plant Nutrition

For growing weed, we recommend using Plagron Power Buds as an additive to the basic flowering nutrient. Plagron's base nutrient can be Terra Bloom, Alga Bloom, Cocos A+B or Hydro A+B. In addition, you can combine Power Buds with Green Sensation, but preferably not with Sugar Royal together if you grow hydro with a drip system.

Powerbuds is suitable for growing in soil, coco or with hydroponics and does not affect EC levels.


Power Buds contains a special molecule that helps your plants synthesise amino acids. This way, flowering is stimulated. Power Buds contains no hormones.

Shelf life

Store frost-free. Unopened products have a shelf life of 4 years. Check the shelf life using the batch number on the packaging. Opened products have a guaranteed shelf life of 6 months.


250ml bottle, good for 250 litres of feed water.

About Plagron Nutrition

Plagron has been producing an extensive range of high-quality substrates, base nutrients and additives for many years. The company has been at the top of the plant nutrition market for 25 years. Plagron products are suitable for all kinds of growers and guarantee excellent growing performance.

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Brand Plagron
Content 250
Substrate / Medium Coconut Fibre, Hydro / Aero, Soil
Suitable for organic grow? Yes
Composition Liquid
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Power Buds (Plagron) 250 ml

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