Kratom Capsules Bronze (Jetpackkratom) 40 mg

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Would you like to have something to hand that will give you a great boost of energy? For example at a party or when you go for a day out? If so, kratom capsules would be a good choice. Each capsule has 40 grammes of Mitragynine. This is enough to provide you with a solid energy boost for around 5 hours. It stimulates body and mind and is really easy to take. You can simply combine these Kratom Capsules Bronze with alcohol. Think of it as a legal party drug that will see you right through the night. There are stronger capsules but these are ideal for becoming acquainted with kratom. Choose between 2, 10 or 25 capsules and prepare to be amazed by the power of nature!

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Could you do with an extra dose of energy from time to time? Then why not try these kratom capsules from the renowned brand Jetpackkratom. One capsule is enough to make you feel good and energetic for the whole day (or throughout the entire party). Nice incidental bonus for party animals: you can still drink with them. But please note: Don’t combine Kratom with MAO inhibitors. Use by pregnant women or anyone about to drive is strongly discouraged. Kratom is 100% legal to buy.

Kratom Capsules Bronze

Kratom is the replacement for your favourite party pill or energy drink. It’s a natural source of energy that stimulates your body and mind. There is 40 mg of Mitragynine in each capsule. This is the key substance from kratom. Bronze is Jetpackkratom’s least strong variant but even so don’t underestimate it. Bronze capsules are perfect for becoming acquainted with kratom. The content is equivalent to 4.5 grammes of crushed kratom leaves. This is enough to provide you with energy for a good 5 hours. 

What is Kratom?

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a drug which is derived from trees which grow only in South-East Asia. Kratom contains many substances which are known as alkaloids. The major one, Mitragynine, is the active substance which has the most influence on your body. Kratom experiences can vary greatly. Kratom products which contain multiple alkaloids can, at a higher dose, have a relaxing and calming effect. Pure Mitragynine, on the other hand, only provides a substantial dose of energy and stimulates the body and mind. The effect can be compared to opium, cocoa leaves or really strong coffee.

Kratom Effects - Gold Liquid 

As this Kratom capsules are processed to contain just Mitragynine, it gives you energy only. Where other Kratom relaxes you at a higher dose, that will not be the case with this Bronze Kratom. These capsules stimulate body and mind. You become active and are less inhibited about making social contact. But above all, this Kratom drug gives you a huge amount of energy. Perfect for parties and festivals. Think of it as a party drug, but a legal one!

How do you Use this Kratom?

These Bronze Kratom Capsules from Jetpackkratom are really easy to use. They are pre-dosed which means that you always get the same amount when you take them. One capsule is exactly enough for the required energy boost. It can be combined with alcohol!

Is this energy boost not enough for you? Then try Kratom Capsules Gold for once (recommended products). These contain double the active substance!


  • Mitragynine 
  • Capsules made from vegetable HPMC.


Is Kratom dangerous? Not per se. But do note: in the case of regular use, Kratom can be addictive. With tiresome side effects as a consequence. Insomnia, weight loss and a deterioration in physical appearance can result. Do you use Kratom from time to time? Then there’s nothing to worry about. Don’t use Kratom Drugs in combination with MAO inhibitors or when driving. Using the substance if pregnant is also strongly discouraged.

About Jetpackkratom

Jetpackkratom is a sustainable brand with high-quality products which qualify as some of the purest on the market. The brand is renowned for its powerful products with a high Mitragynine content of up to 80%. The extracts are made from 100% biologically cultivated Kratom, exclusively sourced from South-East Asia. In striving to have the best products on the market, Jetpackkratom is continuously working on development and innovation. The products are inspected and certified from harvest to production by first-class companies like Columbia Laboratories and Butterworth Labs. In addition, all products are extensively tested for food safety.

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