Jointmaker Joint-4 (Dutch-Headshop)


Jointmaker Joint-4 (Dutch-Headshop)

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Quickly roll a joint? This dream will be fulfilled with the Jointmaker Joint 4 with the logo of Dutch Headshop! Within a few seconds you will have filled four sleeves. A fast way to make the most beautiful joints! You can purchase pre-rolled cones, but roll them yourself is also an option with the rollmate. Take advantage of the convenience of a joint-maker. A handy device with which you may save lots of money with. Be wary, the joint4 is delivered without cones!


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No one can beat the Joint4 with rolling by hand. Really within seconds you have four joints filled. The fastest way to make the best joints!

1: Buy cones or Rollmate
2: Place the cones in the joint-4
3: Place Tobacco and or cannabis in the joint-4
4: Shake and the joints are ready

Of course you can buy ready made cones, but you can also roll cones with the Rollmate.

The joint4 is popular with medical users but also ordinary users find this a useful device. You can save money because you do not have to buy pre-rolled joints.

Note: The Joint 4 comes without cones.

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