Cones Unbleached (Mountain High) 109 mm

Cones Unbleached (Mountain High) 109 mm

The unbleached Sleeves from The Original Cones (109 mm). This product is ideal for everyone who doesn’t want to or can’t roll. The cones are an attractive shade of brown and have the conical form of a perfect joint. The pre-rolled joint sleeves are easy to fill and the long paper from which they are made burns slowly and evenly. Also available in a box of 800 pieces for even bigger savings!

The Original Cones
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Good quality cones

The size of this joint-shell, also called Cone, is equal to a normal king-size joint, 109 mm, which is the same size as standard long paper.The filter tip of the cones measures 29 mm. Because of the conical shape, this pre-rolled joint shell is easy to fill with tobacco or marihuana or other herbs.

The King size Cones are made of unbleached, ultra-thin cigarette paper. In this way, the joint burns and smokes well and uniformly. Are you not able to roll a joint with your hands, then purchasing cones is a good option.

Even bigger Savings

The unbleached Joint Sleeves from The Original Cones can be ordered in 3’s or 800’s. Do you just smoke joints occasionally? Then 3 are probably enough for you. Are you a big user who needs a good stock of pre-rolled joints? Then buy the box of 800 for even bigger savings! Never have to roll again with the enormous box of The Original Cones.


  • The Original Cones Joint Sleeves
  • Filter tip length: 29 mm
  • Total length: 109 mm
  • Unbleached
  • Burn slowly and evenly
  • Available in 3’s or a box of 800
  • Extra-low pricing on boxes
  • Rammer included

Just fill it

In this cone there is a small straw that you can use to lightly press the content of the cones or to shake-up during filling. You can fold a funnel from the paper, with which you can easily fill the cone with your favorite smoking materials.

There also exist ready-to-use fill-systems for King Size cones that you can purchase at the Dutch-Headshop, such as the Joint-4 Jointmaker and the Relexy, see also below. With the help of ready-to-use cones, everybody can easily and quickly make a perfect joint.

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Additional Information
BrandThe Original Cones
Size109 mm
Length Filter tip29mm

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