Joint Filler System 25 Pieces

Joint Filler System 25 Pieces
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Looking for a joint filler? Then check out the Kulu joint filler system. A simple and efficient design that allows you to simultaneously fill 25 joint sleeves or cones. Take off the lid and get started! Fill it with a mixture of separated tobacco and finely ground weed. Regularly tap it on the table while filling so the contents are distributed evenly over the cones. Attach the lid to the bottom of the box... Job done! Never have to roll a joint again with Kulu’s joint filler.



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Filling system for 25 joints

Joint fill system that has been thought through, from Kulu. Very simple but effective design to fill not less than 25 joint sleeves or cones at the same time to make the perfect pre-rolled joints.

Sturdy and compact box made from PVC/polystyrene

Lift the lid of the box and you can place 25 ready joint sleeves or cones in the openings of the box. Fill these with a mix of loose tobacco and finely crushed marijuana; a paper funnel might be handy here.

When felling the Kulu joint filler, knock the box frequently at the table so the content will be evenly spread over the cones. By putting the lid on the bottom side of the box, the filled joints will be lifted up slightly so you can easily take them out of the fill system.

Say goodbye to joint rolling

With this effective Joint Filling System from Kulu you'll make 25 ready-to-smoke joints at once in no-time. Very handy if you want to build up a small stock or simply don’t want to roll joints any more.

The only thing you need is cones or joint sleeves. And Dutch Headshop can help you with them as well.


  • Convenient joint filling system made from PVC/polystyrene
  • Fills up to 25 joints in a couple of minutes
  • Weight: 65 gram
  • Joints can be conveniently taken out of the filler
  • Only other thing needed is cones

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