Tapestry Ganesha (Black Leaf) 150 x 220 cm

Tapestry Ganesha (Black Leaf) 150 x 220 cm
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Beautiful wall hanging / tapestry with a print of the Hindu god Ganesh on a very fitting psychedelic background of smoke and mushrooms. A wonderful wall decoration to psyche yourself out with, or to start your magic truffle trip with. The cotton tapestry by Black Leaf measures 150 x 220 centimeters, so that's bigger than a door!

Black Leaf


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If you could choose a mythological creature to accompany you on your psychedelic trip, Ganesh / Ganesha would certainly not be a bad choice. With his elephant head, Ganesha is the god of wisdom and knowledge and acts as the guardian of travellers. A match made in heaven! On this beautifully designed large wall hanging Ganesha is prominently depicted, with smoke and colourful mushrooms in the background.

  • Wall hanging with Ganesha and mushrooms
  • 220 x 150 centimetres
  • 100% cotton
  • Decorate your living room or bedroom with this beautiful wall decoration
  • Use it to look at while tripping!
  • Designed by “Sly”

Wall hanging

This large wall hanging is not just for hanging on the wall. Because it is made of sturdy material, you can also use it as a curtain or even as a bedspread. Or use it as a nice soft surface if you want to enjoy the sun in the park or on the beach. Made from cotton, washable at 30 degrees maximum. Do not tumble dry. 

About Black Leaf

Black Leaf has been designing and manufacturing smoking products such as bongs, grinders, vaporizers and much more for over 20 years. The German company works closely with production partners all over the world and constantly develops new products in its own design office in line with market trends. In addition to many innovations, Black Leaf is a unique tobacco brand due to its variety of products in every segment. All from its own production. Guaranteed quality, directly from the manufacturer.

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