G-Rasp Hash Grinder (Hash Grinder Company)

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Why did no one think of this before when smoking hash? The G-Rasp Hash Grinder from Hash Grinder Company is the ultimate tool for any hash smoker. With this grinder, you won’t ever have to crumble again yourself. Decide how fine you want to make the hash by selecting one of the four sides. Simply place the rasp on a table or over your rolling paper and scrape your block of hash along the rasp with your fingers. The G-Rasp Hash Grinder crumbles your hash brilliantly well and ensures you don’t get any hash under your nails. And you no longer have to fiddle around with a flame so no more holes burnt in your clothing. In short: do you want to buy an extremely handy Hash Grinder that’s keenly priced? If so, then the G-Rasp is for you. In addition, it comes with an attractive storage pouch (random color).


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Do you smoke hard hash, soft hash or simply your favourite, delicious hash? Make it finer and easier with the G-Rasp Hash Grinder from Hash Grinder Company!

G-Rasp Hash Grinder

The makers of G-Rasp were inspired by a brilliant idea when crumbling their hash. ‘Why not use a mini kitchen rasp? Then you can use it anywhere, can’t you!’ No sooner said than done: the G-Rasp Hash Grinder was born. This tool is compact and versatile. Take it with you in its attractive pouch wherever you go and get it out when you want to roll a hash joint. Hash smoking and crumbling has never been so easy!

  • Strong hash grinder made from stainless steel
  • Never again have to crumble hash with your fingers
  • No more hash under your nails or holes in your clothing
  • Choose from four different sides to crumble the hash to your preference
  • Finger-proof, so no cuts
  • Supplied in a handy pouch in which to keep your G-Rasp (random color)
  • Size: 6.8cm x 3.7cm x 2.7cm

The Tool for Hash Smoking

It’s really easy to produce tiny bits of hash with the G-Rasp. It’s incredibly important to make your hash really fine so that it then burns more evenly. Are you putting oversized bits in your joint? If so, the effect of hash smoking is reduced. Avoid that by using this hash grinder. Follow these steps and you’ll see how convenient this grinder is:

  1. Get your rolling paper, tip and tobacco ready.
  2. Remove the G-Rasp from the pouch and select one of the sides. Each side gives you a different size of hash crumbs.
  3. Hold the G-Rasp on your paper or simply on the table. Are you holding it on the paper? In that case, the idea is to move it along the length of the paper as you grind/rasp.
  4. Hold your block of hash firmly and scrape it along the G-Rasp.
  5. All the bits of hash fall through the holes and almost all of them will land on the inside of the rasp. Did you place it over your rolling paper? Then it lands straight into your joint.
  6. Tap the G-Rasp a bit before returning it to the pouch. All done!

The G-Rasp is not the only Hash Grinder from these innovators. Also check out the ZenPen Hash Grinder (recommended products).

About The Hash Grinder Company

The Hash Grinder Company makes top quality products with a high-quality design. Most products are designed to make hash smoking much easier. The Hash Grinder Company's first invention, the now famous ZenPen, is one of the many hash grinders the company has produced. The company started with hash tools, but after years of experience and detailed development processes, the company has expanded its range to include all kinds of practical smoking and dabbing tools. At The Hash Grinder Company, you will find the most innovative stoner tools that make life easier. Everything has been thought of!

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