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Flamez rolling papers in a nice big King-Size format. With Flamez Black it is very easy to roll inside-out. There is enough space for a large amount of weed. Extremely suitable for large joints! The Flamez long rolling papers are made of 100% wood pulp, which makes sure your joint burns nice and slow. This material also provides extra strength, which prevents the paper from tearing while turning. The black packs have a thin silicone layer that makes them slightly water-repellent. Therefore they do not stick together in the package. Buy a separate package or go for an extra cheap box. "Where there is smoke, there is Flamez!”

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Flamez Rolling Paper | King-Size Black

This is the widest rolling paper in Flamez' collection. With a size of 108 x 53 mm it is big enough to make thick joints the way you like them. Inside-out or just normal!

Flamez Black is made of 100% wood pulp. This makes the paper extra strong and it will not tear as easily when rolling a joint. This material, together with the special watermark, makes sure that this Flamez paper burns slowly and evenly. The long rolling paper is transparent, so you can easily see the contents of your joint. The packages of Flamez are provided with a thin layer of silicone. This has a water repellent effect. Ideal for travelling.

Specifications Flamez Black Long Rolling Paper:

  • Flamez Black Rolling Paper
  • King-Size: 108 x 53 mm
  • Made from 100% wood pulp for extra strength
  • With watermark
  • Weight: 14 gr/m2
  • Burns slowly and evenly
  • Water resistant package
  • Available in loose packages and box of long rolling papers
  • Package with 33 rolling papers
  • Extra cheap box with 50 packages

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About Flamez

Flamez makes smoking accessories such as long rolling papers, grinders and filter tips. The Dutch brand is closely associated with Greengo and Saverette and has been making top-quality smoking accessories at an affordable price since 2005. Flamez strives for a natural and environmentally friendly production of its products, but quality is always number one. Flamez also supports organizations that strive for the preservation of the Dutch coffeeshops.

SKU G-2429-2430
Brand Flamez
Size King-Size
Unbleached No
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Flamez Black Rolling Papers | King-Size

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