Purple Haze #1 (Positronics) 5 seeds

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Purple Haze #1 (Positronics) 5 seeds
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The Purple Haze #1 marijuana seeds are packed, contain 5 seeds and are a mix of Purple Thai x Haze x Skunk (Dutch early flowering). You can grow them inside, but growing outside and in the greenhouse is also possible. The flowering period indoors is 9 to 10 weeks and outdoors this is from the end of October. The yield indoors is about 400 gr/m2 (with optimal cultivating conditions) and outdoors 350 gr/plant. It contains 22.0% THC and 0.2% CBD. Sow them yourself and harvest within a few months!


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The Purple Haze #1 marihuana seeds are reintroduction to the legendary old school marihuana species Positronics. Who doesn´t know the song Purple Haze from Jimmy Hendrix? This song was about this Haze strain, the marihuana that was most popular internationally and was smoked in the seventies and of course on the legendary Woodstock festival.

Characteristics Purple Haze #1 feminized marihuana seeds:

Genetics: Purple Thai x Haze x Skunk (Early-flowering Dutch)
Indica / Sativa: Sativa dominant
Location: Growing indoors, growing outdoors, growing in a greenhouse
Flowering period indoors: 9 - 10 weeks
Flowering period outdoors: From end of October
Autoflower: No
Yield indoors: 400 gr/m2 (at optimal conditions of cultivation)
Yield outdoors: 350 gr/plant (northern hemisphere)
THC: 22.0%
CBD: 0.2%
Seeds: 5 feminized marihuana seeds per package

Purple Haze #1 seeds sativa dominated
Purple Haze #1 is a Sativa dominated hybrid. Positronics keeps the genetic background of most of the marihuana seeds  This strain has been developed very carefully since the seventies from Purple Thai x Haze genes and presumable an early-flowering Dutch Skunk.

The result is a powerful marihuana plant with spacious internodes in the shape of a Fir or Den. The branches are thick and strong, the plants can use support during the flowering period to help sustain the heavy buds. The marihuana plant develops beautiful purple shades and is a delight to the eye. The leaves are thin and light green, covered with orange hairs. The buds are thick and are full of resin, they need about 70 days to ripen.

The more the flowers terminate their flowering, they can develop beautiful purple colors but there are also flowers that remain green. The Purple Haze #1 cannabis strain is a powerful grower and suitable for growing indoor and outdoor. Outdoor you sow the young marihuana cuttings in July to temper its growth.
Indoors you can best give this marihuana species a short flowering period of 2 to 3 weeks. Then, she will grow till approximately 1,20 to 1,50 meters. During its growth spurt, which starts after switching to a 12 hour light regime, the cannabis plant will grow approximately 5 times bigger than before the switch to 12/12.

The roots of the Purple Haze #1 need a lot of space and the plant like more water then normally. Haze marihuana species always need good ventilation, a ventilator or air suction system a must to cultivate nice, thick Haze buds.

Note: blue and purple strains do not always turn purple. This depends on the conditions in which the cannabis plant is grown.

Effects of the Purple Haze #1 feminized Positronics
Smell, taste and effects of the Purple Haze #1 is unparalleled legendary. The effects of the Purple Haze #1 demonstrate itself by the delicate high that stimulates the imagination. The effect is strong and psychedelic, and stimulates creativity. After the strongly incoming high, the effect reduces to a mildly mellow effect, strongly social but also inviting introspection.

The Haze species also has good medicinal qualities and is mostly used by people with pain, stress and complaints about depression. The smell can be described as cinnamon-like, spicy, incense-like, powerful and earthly. The taste of the Purple Haze #1 is famous and reminds of the sweet and sour white grapes and to candy. It’s a favorite among Sative and old school lovers, a delicious marihuana strain to enjoy with your friends.

The name Positronics we know from the first real shop dedicated to ideological home growing. In 1985 this shop was founded by Medical marijuana pioneer Wernard Bruining. Positronics stopped as a shop in Amsterdam in 1996. The brand, as seed bank, continued in Spain where all original and legendary strains were preserved and complemented with new feminized strains.

Cannabis Cup Prizes:
2009 - 1st prize LA BELLA FLOR MÁLAGA

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Additional Information
AvailabilityIn Stock
Number of seeds5
Family (Genetics)Sativa Dominant
Gender and AutoflowerFeminised
Indoor / OutdoorIndoor, outdoor and greenhouse
From seed to Harvest (Autoflower)N/A - Non-autoflowering
Average Flowering Time9-10 weeks
Average height100-150 cm
Maximum Height (approximately)200 cm
Harvest monthEnd of October
EffectsMeditative, Psychedelic, Uplifting
MoodGet Creative, Socialize
TasteGrape, Mint, Sweet
Max. Yield Indoor (grams / m2)400 g / m2
Max. Outdoor yield (gram / plant)350 g / plant
THC percentage (average)22%
CBD percentage (average)0.2%
THC:CBD RatioMore THC than CBD

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