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Are you not in the mood for a large grow tent or an enormous odor nuisance, but still want to grow your own organic weed? Then Dutch-Headshop has the ideal solution for you. With the MiniGrow you grow your own weed in the fastest and best way without any problems and completely discreetly. An inconspicuous grow box for the home that ensures a high yield. This is the newest version: MiniGrowBox 4.


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The MiniGrowBox

The MiniGrowBox is a small inconspicuous grow cabinet in which you can easily and quickly grow your own weed. Thanks to the latest electronics, all facets are present to grow high-quality organic cannabis with this grow box.

Completely New Version with New Techniques!

The MiniGrowBox 4 is equipped with new technologies to make it even easier for you. New in version four is that the light automatically turns white as soon as you open the cupboard. This way you can water more easily and inspect your plant without being blinded by the intense purple light from the grow LEDs.

Ready for use within seconds

At the moment the MiniGrowBox is only available in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The MiniGrowBox is supplied complete. All you have to do is plug in the power cord and set the temperature of the grow box.


The MiniGrowBox has a number of major advantages over other grow cabinets. The most important properties of this unique grow cabinet are shown and explained below.

  • Small; fits anywhere in the house
  • Easy to operate
  • Safe
  • Discrete
  • Best quality
  • Experience NOT required
  • Investment quickly recovered
  • Growing effortlessly
  • Pre-programmed growth schedule present
  • A yield of up to 70 grams per harvest is possible
  • Minimize odor or noise pollution
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting

Minigrow has invested a lot to be unobtrusive. Much attention has been paid to odor filtering, low noise production and the prevention of light leaks at the front. Moreover, the size and finish of the MiniGrowBox are such that it fits anywhere in the house. So you do not need an extra room, the box can be placed anywhere in the house. The MiniGrow contains two carbon filters for filtering odor with minimal noise.

For more information and photos, view the website of the mini browser: Click Here


An investment in the MiniGrowBox is definitely worth it. At first it seems like a large amount, but the investment can be earned back quickly. In test cultures we achieved 70 grams based on the scrog method. Read more about it at the bottom of the page.

We have carried out many test cultures with the MiniGrow to properly estimate the yield. Both absolute beginners and experienced growers achieved results with yields between 25 and 70 grams of dried weed. We recommend keeping the first culture simple in order to 'learn' how the plant develops in the MiniGrow. So you immediately have a nice return, while you learn how to maximize your profit. For example, use the included Auto Northern Light as the first culture.

The investment is fully recovered within a few times. If you consider that 1 gram of weed in the coffee shop can easily cost you ten euros, you can earn back the MiniGrowBox within three harvests. The MiniGrowBox is specially designed to make it possible for everyone to grow high-quality weed. You can achieve a result of no less than 30 grams of dry material by feeding water with food once every 2 days. You don't have to be an experienced grower to achieve surprising results with this mini grow cabinet.

The yield does depend on the plant food, the applied cultivation method and the type of plant in the box. If you want extra revenue per culture, you can do a lot yourself. The standard nutrition and growth schemes are already very good, but if you delve into it you can of course improve it and adapt it to your specific growing environment. You have the most influence on the harvest yourself, but this is exactly what makes growing with the MiniGrow so much fun!

Logically, with the MiniGrowBox you always have weed at home. This saves you time and effort to go to the coffee shop. In addition, you no longer have to spend money on weed from the coffee shop and you know exactly which weed you have and where it comes from; a very pleasant thought.

High-end LED lighting

The MiniGrowBox is equipped with high-end LED lighting. This modern LED lighting is not only energy efficient and cheap to use, but also a lot less warm than incandescent bulbs. This again benefits the quality of your growing environment. This LED lighting is therefore an essential component to achieve the highest possible yield. The LED lamps are specially designed for growing in a small space.

Growing without problems

Growing weed involves more than you would initially expect. In principle there are two options: Indoor and outdoor growing. Many indoor sets are available for starting your own culture. The problem with these sets is that they are often large and take up a lot of space. In addition, the appearance of the sets is often not to be seen. Because of this you actually already need a separate and large space to place such a "thorn in the eye".

The solution to all these problems is found very easily. With the MiniGrowBox you can always and everywhere in your house grow your own high-quality weed all year round.

Weed Drying in the MiniGrow

Drying weed properly is more difficult than most people think. It is important that you always provide fresh air and that the room is dark. In addition, it is certainly advisable to do something about the weed air. This smell can be very intense during drying. Fortunately, the MiniGrow takes care of all these concerns. In addition to the innovative growth and flowering programs, the MiniGrow also has a special drying program.

You will find the drying program on the display under the 'brown flower' (the rightmost symbol). The drying program means that the fans are switched on to extract air and to bring in fresh air. The LEDs are off because it must be dark during drying and the carbon filters just do their job so that the weed air is masked. The only thing you have to ensure is that the temperature in the grow box does not get too high (not above 21 degrees Celsius). Drying weed in the MiniGrow is relatively fast compared to drying in a box or growing room. You know that the weed is dry when you hear the stem clearly crack when you bend it. Does he only bend along but doesn't break? Then the weed needs to dry. Weed usually needs about 8 to 14 days to dry in the MiniGrow.

Tip: the best way to dry weed is to hang the buds upside down on a (scrog) rack. The scrub rack is not included.

Unobtrusive and Discreet

Due to its sleek appearance and limited dimensions, you can not only place the MiniGrowBox anywhere in your home; he is also very unremarkable. Nobody will realize that it is a grow box. In this way you easily and unobtrusively grow the best cannabis and Stealth cultivation becomes accessible to everyone.

Safety First

The MiniGrowBox 4 has the strictest CE Domestic quality mark, which means that this luxury grow cabinet meets strict safety requirements for use in the home. The housing is for example made of flame-retardant material, the power supply is placed on the outside of the cabinet and it is electrically double insulated.

  • CE approved according to IEC-60335 standard, strictest household standard
  • Complies with UL-94HB fire resistance standard
  • Input voltage: 24V DC via included Class II 90W power supply MeanWell OWA90E-24
  • Shutdown protection at over temperature
  • Double-mounted fans
  • At the door open only white light
  • Relatively low heat development
  • 2 year warranty according to EU guidelines

Operation with Touchscreen

No shortage of technology. The MiniGrowBox can be operated with a touchscreen. On the touchscreen screen you will find, among other things, the settings for the three phases of your plant: growth, flowering and drying.

You can set various things on the MiniGrow such as the speed of fans and the individual switching of different lighting groups. From the power of the fans to an adjustable light spectrum and how long the different phases must last. But we do not all have experience with growing, so there are already ready-made breeding schemes for the beginner. You activate these breeding schemes with the push of a button. Effortless is the magic word with the MiniGrowBox.


The MiniGrowBox is a high-quality product, but something can always go wrong during cultivation or during installation. In that case Dutch-Headshop is ready to answer your questions or offer assistance. The MiniGrowBox is of course provided with a Dutch manual that explains everything to the last detail about its use and operation.

Coffee shop

Growing one's own weed is better in several respects than buying weed in a coffee shop. Own weed is much cheaper to start with. You know exactly what has been used to grow and thrive from your home-grown weed. You never know that at coffeeshop weed. By growing your own cannabis you are no longer dependent on a coffee shop and you know exactly what you have at home. This way you can grow almost every type of weed plant organically.

About MiniGrow

MiniGrow is absolutely Dutch. From the first idea to the final production; everything happens in the Netherlands. The construction is designed to make optimum use of the space available in the box. All parts and components in the box are of the highest quality and easy to clean. The 3D design and the modular structure enable MiniGrow to continue to innovate and provide users with the latest innovations and improvements. The unique combination of quality, design and technology makes the MiniGrowBox the ultimate 'in-home gadget'!


  • Dimensions outside WxDxH: 38.2 x 40 x 76.5 cm
  • Dimensions inside WxDxH: 35 x 35 x 62 cm
  • Power LED panel: 32 x 3 Watt 60W actual consumption
  • Individually controllable LED groups
  • Spectrum: Full spectrum for Growth and Flowering (400 - 730 nm) Including white light, extra blue and infrared
  • Including easily exchangeable diffuser panel
  • Energy consumption: approx. 70W at full power
  • Material: PVC

Watching your own weed plant grow up is a special experience. Especially when you know exactly what you have done for it, your weed tastes even better. Order the new MiniGrowBox now at Dutch-Headshop and start your own organic cultivation soon. After having cultivated a number of times with the MiniGrowBox, the carbon filters are saturated. You can easily replace this yourself.

Scrog in the MiniGrow

The SCROG method, also known as the Screen Of Green (SCROG) method, is an ideal way to increase the weight of your harvest. By scrogging using, for example, chicken wire, you divide the weed buds evenly throughout the MiniGrow. All the available light from the high-end LED lighting can then be used in the greenhouse or grow cabinet for the extra rapid growth of your weed. No SCROG rack is included with the Minigrow. You have to buy or make this yourself.

Read the enclosed manual carefully before you get started. Here you will find all the information you need about the MiniGrowBox.

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