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Are you looking for a refined solution to grow your own organic weed without the hassle of a bulky grow tent or annoying odors? Dutch-Headshop proudly presents the MiniGrow, an innovative product that uses high-quality materials to efficiently and discreetly cultivate your own weed. This compact, stylishly designed grow cabinet fits seamlessly into any interior and guarantees a rich harvest. Discover the MiniGrow One, the latest edition in our collection.

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The MiniGrow Box

The MiniGrow Box symbolizes the uncompromising quality and innovation of Dutch craftsmanship, exclusively using the highest quality materials to ensure durability and performance. Far removed from the everyday 'made in China' products, this grow cabinet is a testament to Dutch precision engineering. Every component, from the flame-retardant PVC material to the advanced LED lighting, has been carefully selected and integrated to create an optimal growing environment. This results in exceptional reliability and efficiency that translates into a higher yield and quality of your weed. The MiniGrow Box not only utilizes the latest electronics for unparalleled control over the growing process, but also features an innovative filter system with more than 500 grams of activated carbon, designed to effectively neutralize odors and last longer than standard solutions. With attention to both aesthetics and functionality, the MiniGrow Box seamlessly fits into any home decor, while enabling you to easily grow high-quality, organic cannabis. The integration of state-of-the-art technologies, including individually controllable LED groups and an energy-efficient design, underscores the commitment to quality and sustainability. Moreover, the user-friendly operation via a touchscreen, along with the possibility for software updates and hardware upgrades, represents a future-proof investment. In short, the MiniGrow Box represents the best of Dutch design and technology, and is the perfect choice for the grower who values quality, durability, and style.


  • External dimensions 38,2 x 42 x 79,5 cm
  • Internal dimensions 36 x 38 x 69 cm
  • Maximum pot diameter: 30 cm
  • Weight: 20 kg (with packaging approx. 22 kg)
  • LED panel power: 32 x 3 Watt (60W actual consumption)
  • Individually adjustable LED groups
  • Spectrum: Full spectrum for Growing and Flowering (400 - 730 nm) Inclusive of white light, additional blue and infrared
  • Equipped with MiniGrow MG500 filter system with exchangeable filters
  • Inclusive of easily exchangeable diffuser panel
  • Energy consumption: circa 70W at full power
  • Material: Flame retardant PVC

New Version: MiniGrow Box One (Model 21)

The new MiniGrow One is better than ever. The all-in-one grow cabinet is slightly larger than the previous version, allowing a pot with a diameter of 30 cm to fit perfectly in the cabinet. Your cannabis plant now has more room to develop in width, depth and height. A completely new filter system has also been developed, which is heavier. The MG500 filter contains more than 500 grams of activated carbon. The filters therefore last longer and keep odors out even better. And when it's time to refresh your filter, you now have two options. You can easily refill the filter with activated carbon or you can replace the entire filter pack!

Moreover, the MiniGrow is future-proof. Software updates have been planned as well as possible future hardware upgrades have been taken into account. This means that the grow box you buy now will still be the cream of the crop of complete grow boxes years later. Designed to be backwards compatible!

All New Version with New Technologies!

The MiniGrow One is equipped with new technologies to make it even easier for you. The filters are now completely removable, replaceable and refillable. So you can replace the filter package completely, or if you want, pour out the carbon in the garden and pour new carbon into the filter. The choice is yours! The MiniGrow One is now slightly higher, deeper and wider, which means that the light surface on the cannabis plant has increased. This will give your plant more light, especially in the early stages. What's in it for you? The yield is now higher! Previously, the average yield was 60 grams of dried weed. Now the average yield is 70 grams of dry weed. Calculated back to fresh weed, you are talking about 200 to 350 grams.

Ready for Use within Seconds

Currently, the MiniGrow Box is only available in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Belgium. The MiniGrow Box is supplied complete. All you have to do is plug it into the power and set the growing schedule of the growing cabinet. 


The MiniGrow Box has a number of advantages compared to other growing cabinets. The most important characteristics of this unique growing cabinet are listed and explained below.

  • Small: fits anywhere at home
  • Easy to operate
  • Safe
  • Unobtrusive
  • High quality
  • Experience NOT required
  • Fast return on investment
  • Effortless growing
  • Features pre-programmed growing schedule
  • Possible yield per harvest up to 70 grammes
  • Minimises smell or odour nuisance
  • Economical LED lighting

Minigrow has invested a lot in making it unobtrusive. Much attention has been paid to odour filtering, low noise production and prevention of light leakage at the front. Moreover the size and finish of the Minigrow Box make it a good fit anywhere at home. Therefore you don’t need an extra room as the box can be positioned anywhere in the house. The MiniGrow includes a heavy duty carbon filter for filtering odors with minimal noise production. The fans are the most high-end fans you can find and have been specially selected for their optimal performance in relation to the lowest possible noise production. That makes the MiniGrow grow box whisper quiet!


It's absolutely worth the effort of investing in the MiniGrow Box. At first sight it looks like a large amount but the investment can be rapidly returned. Using the scrog method we have achieved 70 grammes in test cultivations.Read more about this below.

We have carried out a lot of cultivation tests with the MiniGrow to estimate properly what yield is possible. Both absolute beginners and experienced growers have achieved results with yields between 25 and 70 grammes of dried weed. We recommend you simply treat the first cultivation as a ‘learning exercise’ to see how the plant develops in the MiniGrow. This will give you an immediate, nice yield while you are learning how to maximize your profit.

You will get your investment back in full after a couple of growing sessions. When you consider that 1 gramme of weed in the coffee shop costs you 10 euro, you can earn back the cost of the MiniGrow Box within three harvests. The MiniGrow Box is specially designed to make it possible for anyone to grow high-quality weed. Just by giving it water with feed once every 2 days, you can achieve a result of no less than 30 grammes of dry material. You really don’t need any experience to get astonishing results with this mini growing cabinet.

Of course, the yield will depend on the plant food, the cultivation method used and the type of plant in the box. If you want extra yield per cultivation, you can make a lot of difference to this yourself. The standard feed and growing schedules are good in themselves, but if you immerse yourself in these matters then you can obviously make improvements and adapt them to your specific growing environment. You are the biggest influence on the harvest but this is exactly what makes growing with the MiniGrow so great!

Logically, with the MiniGrow Box you can always have weed available at home. This saves you the time and effort of going to the coffee shop. What’s more, you don’t have to hand out money any more for coffee shop weed and you know exactly what weed you’ve got and where it comes from – all-in-all a very nice thought.

Scrogging in the MiniGrow

The SCROG method, also known as the Screen Of Green (SCROG) method, is an ideal way to increase the yield of your harvest. By scrogging with the included rack you distribute the cannabis buds evenly throughout the MiniGrow. Then all the available light from the high-end LED lighting can be used for the extra effective growth of your weed. A ScrOG rack is not included.

High-End LED Lighting

The MiniGrow Box is equipped with high-end LED lighting. Not only is this modern LED lighting energy-saving and economical in use but it also produces a lot less heat than filament lamps. This benefits the quality of your growing environment. This LED lighting is an essential component for achieving the highest possible yield. The LED lamps are specially attuned to growing in a small space.

The high-quality LED panel is equipped with several individual LEDs and each color LED is selected to meet a specific demand of the cannabis plant. The groups are individually controlled in order to create an optimal growth and flowering program. In growth, the light is tinted cooler with more blue than red light. During flowering, the combination of more red-tinted light with infrared is ideal. That leads to fat buds! The light automatically turns white as soon as you open the cabinet. This makes it easier to water and inspect your plant without being blinded by the intense purple light of the grow LEDs.

Low Energy Consumption

The MiniGrow Box distinguishes itself when it comes to energy consumption. With a maximum consumption of 68W*, the consumption is very low. The consumption is also completely converted into usable light energy. If you compare this with the consumption of an average grow room, the MiniGrow is a very economical option. The device owes this to its small size and energy-efficient parts.

To provide insight into the actual energy consumption of the MiniGrow, we have made a calculation. This is based on an average cultivation of 11 weeks, of which 3 weeks growth (18 hours of light per day) and 8 weeks of flowering (12 hours of light per day).

  • 3 x 7 x 18 x 68W = 25,7 kWh
  • 8 x 7 x 12 x 68W = 45,7 kWh

Together this is 71,4 kWh of energy consumption for the entire cultivation. You can calculate what this actually costs on the basis of the price per kWh of your energy supplier. Fun fact: if you get 50 grams of yield from the MiniGrow, one gram of weed will cost you about 1,428 kWh.

* Note: the consumption of a maximum of 68W is without additional accessories as a heater.

Problem-free Cultivation

There’s more to growing weed than you might initially expect. In principle, there are two options: Indoor cultivation and outdoor cultivation. There are lots of sets available for indoor cultivation of your own weed. The problem with these sets is that they are often large and take up a lot of room. In addition, these sets are often not very attractive in appearance. This means you actually need a separate, large room in which to put such an ‘eyesore’.

The solution to all these problems is found quite easily. With the MiniGrow Box you can grow your own weed the whole year round, any time and anywhere at home.

Drying Weed in the MiniGrow

It’s more laborious to dry weed properly than you might think. It’s important to provide a constant supply of fresh air and keep the room dark. Apart from that, you need to do something about the weed smell. The aroma produced during drying can be very powerful. Fortunately, the MiniGrow can relieve you from all these concerns. In addition to its innovative growing and flowering programmes, the MiniGrow also has a special drying programme. 

You can find the drying programme on the display under the ‘brown flower’ (the last symbol on the right). The drying programme calls for the fans to be switched on to remove stale air and bring in fresh air. The LEDs stay off because it has to be dark during drying and the carbon filters simply do their job of masking the weed smell. All you have to do is make sure that the temperature in the growing cabinet doesn’t get too high (not over 21 degrees Celsius). The process of drying weed proceeds relatively quickly in the Minigrow compared with drying in a box or growing room. You can tell that the weed is dry when you clearly hear a stem crack as you bend it. If the stem just bends but doesn’t crack then the weed needs more drying. Normally, weed takes between 8 and 14 days to dry in the MiniGrow.

Tip: the best way of drying weed is to hang the buds upside down on a scrog rack.

Unobtrusive and Discreet

The sleek appearance and limited dimensions of the MiniGrow Box mean not only that you can put it anywhere at home but it is barely noticeable. No one will realise that it is a growing cabinet. This means you can easily and discreetly cultivate the best cannabis and makes Stealth-growing accessible to everyone.

Safety First

The MiniGrow Box has the strictest CE Domestic quality mark, which means that this luxury grow box meets strict safety requirements for use at home. It is the only complete grow box that meets this strict quality mark! For example, the housing is made of flame retardant material, the power supply is placed on the outside of the cabinet and it is electrically double insulated.

  • CE approved in accordance with IEC-6033-1 standard, strictest domestic standard
  • Conforms to UL94-HB standard for fire resistance
  • Input voltage : 24V DC via provided Class II 90W power supply MeanWell OWA90E-24
  • Shutdown protection in case of excess temperature
  • Dual fans
  • White light only when door opened
  • Relatively limited heat production
  • 2-year guarantee in accordance with EU guidelines

Touchscreen Operation

Not lacking in technology. You operate the MiniGrow Box with a touchscreen. The touchscreen includes the settings for your plant’s three phases: growth, flowering and drying.

You can adjust various MiniGrow features such as fan speed and the individual switching on or off of several lighting groups. From the power of the fans to an adjustable light spectrum and how long the various phases are to last. But not all of us have growing experience so for beginners it has ready-made growing schedules built in. You can activate these growing schedules with one touch of a button. The watchword for the MiniGrow box is effortless.


The MiniGrow Box is a high-quality product but something can of course always go wrong during cultivation or installation. If that happens, Dutch Headshop is ready and waiting to answer your questions or offer assistance. Naturally, the MiniGrow Box comes with a English user guide that explains everything you need to know about its use and operation.

Coffee Shop

In most respects, growing your own weed is better than buying weed in a coffee shop. To start with, your own weed is a lot more beneficial. With your self-grown weed you know exactly what was used in getting it to grow and flower. You never know that when it comes to coffee shop weed. You are no longer dependent on the coffee shop and you know exactly what you’ve got when you grow your own cannabis. You are able to cultivate virtually any weed variety in an organic way.

About MiniGrow

MiniGrow is a totally Dutch product. From the initial idea through to the final production – it all happens in the Netherlands. The construction is designed passionately and with dedication to make optimal use of the available space in the box. All elements and components in the box are of the highest quality and easy to clean. The 3D-design and modular construction enables MiniGrow to keep innovating and provide users with the latest innovations and improvements. Its unique combination of quality, design and technology makes the MiniGrow Box the ultimate ‘in-home gadget’!

Watching your own weed plant grow is a special experience. Knowing exactly what you’ve done for it makes your weed taste that much better. Order the new MiniGrow Box from Dutch Headshop now and you’ll shortly be able to start your own organic cultivation. After a few cultivation sessions with the MiniGrow Box, the carbon filters will be saturated. These are really easy to replace yourself.

Before getting to work, read the enclosed user guide thoroughly. You will find all necessary information about the MiniGrow Box in here.

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