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MiniGrow Box Base | Grow Cannabis
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Not in the mood for a large grow tent or enormous odor nuisance but still want to grow your own organic weed? Then Dutch-Headshop has the ideal solution for you. With the MiniGrow you can grow your own weed in the fastest and best way without problems and completely discreetly. An unobtrusive grow box for the home that ensures a high yield. This is the latest version: MiniGrowBox 4.


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The MiniGrowBox

The MiniGrowBox is a small unobtrusive grow box in which you can easily and quickly grow your own weed. Thanks to the latest electronics, all facets are present to grow high-quality organic cannabis with this grow box.

All New Version with New Techniques!

The MiniGrowBox 4 is equipped with new technologies to make it even easier for you. New in version four is that the light automatically turns white as soon as you open the cabinet. This makes it easier to water and inspect your plant without being dazzled by the intense purple light from the grow LEDs.

Ready to Use in Seconds

Currently, the MiniGrowBox is only available in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The MiniGrowBox comes complete. All you have to do is plug it in and set the temperature of the grow box.


The MiniGrowBox has a number of major advantages over other grow boxes. The main features of this unique grow box are shown and explained below.

  • Small; fits anywhere in the house
  • Easy to operate
  • Safe
  • Discrete
  • Best quality
  • Experience NOT required
  • Investment quickly recouped
  • Grow effortlessly
  • Pre-programmed growth schedule available
  • A yield of up to 70 grams is possible per harvest
  • Minimizing odor or noise nuisance
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting

Minigrow has invested a lot to be unobtrusive. A lot of attention has been paid to odor filtering, low noise production and the prevention of light leaks at the front. In addition, the size and finish of the MiniGrowBox are such that it fits anywhere in the house. You do not need an extra room, the box can be placed anywhere in the house. The MiniGrow contains two carbon filters for filtering odor with minimal noise production.

For more information and photos, see the minigrowbox website: Click Here


An investment in the MiniGrowBox is definitely worth it. It may seem like a large amount at first, but the investment can be recouped quickly. In test cultures, we achieved 70 grams based on the scrog method. Read more about it at the bottom of the page.

We have conducted many test cultures with the MiniGrow to estimate the yield. Both absolute beginners and experienced growers have achieved results with yields between 25 and 70 grams of dried cannabis. We advise to keep the first cultivation simple in order to 'learn' how the plant develops in the MiniGrow. This way you immediately have a nice yield, while you learn how to maximize your profit. For example, use the supplied Auto Northern Light as your first cultivation.

The investment pays for itself within a few times. If you consider that 1 gram of cannabis in the coffee shop quickly costs ten euros, you can recoup the MiniGrowBox within three harvests. The MiniGrowBox is specially designed to make it possible for everyone to grow high-quality cannabis. By giving water with food once every 2 days you can already achieve a result of no less than 30 grams of dry material. You really don't have to be an experienced grower to achieve surprising results with this mini grow box.

The yield does depend on the plant nutrition, the cultivation method used and the type of plant in the box. If you want extra yield per cultivation, you can do a lot yourself. The standard nutrition and growth schedules are already very good, but if you delve into them you can of course improve them and adapt them to your specific growing environment. You have the most influence on the harvest yourself, but this is exactly what makes growing with the MiniGrow so much fun!

With the MiniGrowBox, you logically always have cannabis at home. This saves you time and effort to go to the coffee shop. In addition, you no longer have to spend money on cannabis from the coffee shop and you know exactly which weed you have and where it comes from; a very pleasant thought.

High-End LED Lighting

The MiniGrowBox is equipped with high-end LED lighting. This modern LED lighting is not only energy efficient and cheap to use, but also a lot less warm than incandescent lamps. This improves the quality of your growing environment. This LED lighting is therefore an essential part of achieving the highest possible yield. The LED lamps are specially designed for growing in a small space.

Growing without Problems

Growing cannabis involves more than you would initially expect. There are basically two options: Indoor and outdoor cultivation. Many sets are available for indoor cultivation to start your own cultivation. The problem with these sets is that they are often large and take up a lot of space. In addition, the appearance of the sets is often not to be seen. As a result, you actually already need a separate and large space to be able to see such an “eyesore”

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