Carbon filter Set MiniGrow Box 2 pieces

Carbon filter Set MiniGrow Box 2 pieces
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You have a MiniGrow Box grow cabinet and you want to improve the growth process? Order this individual carbon filter set for the MiniGrow at the Dutch-Headshop! The carbon filters should be replaced every two to three weeks, and therefore it is ideal when you already have them at home. Dual-active carbon filters that you can easily replace yourself. Don't complicate, and obtain the optimal result out of the MiniGrow Box grow cabinet.


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Turn your cultivation into an even bigger success, with the Carbon filter set. Unique dual carbon filters that ensure the smell is filtered with a minimum of noise. Can be replaced easily and independently.


  • Minimum dimensions for optimal use of the grow cabinet.
  • Can be replaced easily and independently.
  • Two Noctua PPC Industrial ventilators for high filter pressure and a minimum of noise.
  • Approximately 120 grams of activated coconut carbon per filter.
  • These carbon filters are made of premium components.

Essence of Carbon filters

Carbon filters are of great importance for cultivation. These unique dual carbon filters ensure the smell is filtered out, with a minimum of noise. The carbon filters have minimal dimensions and are made in such a way that grow cabinet space is used optimally. This way, the filters do not obstruct the cultivation process in any way. Properly functioning carbon filters are essential for running the cultivation process smoothly and obtaining high yields.

MiniGrow Box Base

The MiniGrowBox is a small inconspicuous grow cabinet in which you can easily and quickly grow your own weed. Thanks to the latest electronics, all facets are present to grow high-quality organic cannabis with this grow box.

The MiniGrow Base has many qualities. The grow cabinet is small, compact and completely unobtrusive when having it in your living room. Besides, the MiniGrow is equipped with high-end led lighting and it can be operated via an interactive touchscreen. This allows you to quickly and easily set your cultivation schedule and start with your cultivation. The yield is quite high, and therefore your will recuperate your investment in only a few cultivation sessions.

Package contents

  • 1 set with 2 pieces

About MiniGrow

MiniGrow is entirely Dutch. From the very first idea until the end production, everything takes place in The Netherlands. The construction is designed to make optimal use of the available space in the box. Both the carbon filters and all other components in the box are of premium quality and easy to clean. The 3D design and modular build allow MiniGrow to keep innovating and provide users with the latest innovations and improvements. This unique combination of quality, design and technology makes the MiniGrow box the ultimate ‘in-home gadget'!

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