Magic Truffles Atlantis 20 grams

Magic Truffles Atlantis 20 grams
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The Atlantis Magic truffle is common in the United States and actually not in Europe. The effects can be powerful. Space, time, environment, feelings and perception are perceived differently. You make experiences you cannot imagine in a sober condition. These truffles are therefore especially suitable for the more experienced users. A good trip is guaranteed.


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The Atlantis Magic truffle is rare in Europe and originally grows in the wild in the United States. Atlantis truffles are powerful and suitable for the most experienced users.

The effects of the Atlantis truffles are mind-blowing. This means that your senses will start working on a higher frequency. You will have experiences that you cannot imagine with a sober state of mind. Space, time, surroundings, feelings and perception - all of this is experienced in a different way. Mysterious and colorful visions quickly alternate with deep philosophical insights.

The effects of the Atlantis Magic truffles can hit in hard and the experience can even arise feelings of anxiety. This is normal, do no try to fight it, and accept it as it is. Get carried away by a beautiful journey though the soul and learn about yourself in a new way. 

Truffles increase your emotional state. This means that you shouldn't take truffles if you do not feel well about yourself or if you suffer from depression. Never combine truffles with alcohol or drugs!

What are truffles?
Truffles are families of the well known, though forbidden magic mushroom. The effect is the same, because both truffles and magic mushrooms contain the active substances psilocin and psilocybin. But in contrast to the magic mushroom, the truffle does not grow above but below the ground.

Use of truffles
You can use truffles in a variety of ways. You can simply eat them, but making a cup of truffle tea is an option too. For the best effect, you can best consume truffles on an empty stomach. First time you use truffles? The it is recommended to not consume too much.

Content of the package
20 grams vacuum packed Atlantis Magic Truffles.

Please note: this product can not be exchanged because shelf life is limited.

Effects of truffles and warnings
The effects of magic truffles vary from species to species and from person to person and correlate with your mood and the environment where you are. Only use magic truffles if you don't have any psychological problems such as depressions, psychosis or anxiety disorders. Don't combine magic truffles with medicines, alcohol or any other drugs. Only use magic truffles when your mood is positive and the environment save and secure. Only for persons of 18 years and older. Do not use when pregnant or want to be pregnant or give breastfeeding.

Psychedelic truffles are not party drugs and not intended for minors. Do not trip and drive. Always start with a small dose, and in an environment that is known, in order to test your reaction on psilocybin. Never combine magic truffles with alcohol or other drugs.

We ship truffles only to the Netherlands, Spain or Bulgaria.

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Safe use of Magic Truffles

Truffles are the legal alternative to Magic Mushrooms. Truffles also contain the strongly psychoactive psilocybin and psilocin. Therefore, be careful when using them. Read this description carefully before the trip.

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