Magic Mushroom Growkit Thai (Ready-to-Grow)

Magic Mushroom Growkit Thai (Ready-to-Grow)

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Thai shrooms are the most popular shrooms. They are easy to cultivate and contain enough hallucinogenic psilocybin to put you into orbit.  With this grow-kit you can cultivate this hit shroom yourself. You'll have your first harvest in three weeks. But you can also grow several times with 1 set for a higher total yield! With the 250 cc version you can grow up to about 100 grams of fresh mushrooms. With the 1200 cc bucket you can harvest about 400 grams. A nice bonus is that you can cultivate several crops with one tray.

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When you think of ‘shroom’ the first one that comes to mind is the Thai (Psilocybe cubensis) shroom. Cubensis is by far the most popular magic mushroom. They are more approachable shrooms than the stronger varieties but do be aware that all shrooms allow you to hallucinate and trip! The Cubensis is fantastically easy to grow. Add some water to this all-in-one grow-kit and that’s it! Read on to see how you can make fresh Thai shrooms inside of 3 weeks.

  • Choose: 250 or 1200 cc for roughly 125 grammes or 400 grammes of shrooms
  • Thai (Psilocybe cubensis)
  • Complete kit with everything you need to cultivate shrooms yourself
  • Several crops possible with one set!

Mushroom Grow Kit Manual

Detailed instructions for this Magic Mushroom Growkit can be found on this page under the heading 'documents'. Need more information and tips while growing? Consult our blog.

Thai (Psilocybe cubensis) Magic Mushrooms

It all began with this Psilocybe cubensis. Cubensis is the mother type of many varieties which you see on the market nowadays. This shroom is easy to cultivate and it’s both famous and infamous. This variety reached the West in 1957 and has since become indispensable in the smart shop. It is by far the most popular type, partly thanks to its approachability. It’s not the strongest variety and is therefore more suitable for beginners than Golden Teacher or McKennaii. Our supplier also calls them ‘Thai’ because this Cubensis is also found in Thailand. This variety also occurs in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and even Australia. The mushroom likes a hot, moist climate. It’s therefore important to keep the cultivation temperature not less than 20 degrees Celsius.

Complete Shroom Grow-kit

With this grow-kit you have everything you need to grow shrooms yourself at home. The Shroom Grow-kit is Ready-to-Grow. Follow the instructions and you can grow several crops of shrooms. Each first crop produces the highest yield.

Package contents

  • A tray filled with 250 cc or 1200 cc of mycelium, vermiculite and perlite.
  • Grow bag with air filters
  • 2 paper clips

Growing Your Own Shrooms in 10 Steps

Brief instructions. For complete instructions, please refer to the detailed manual under the title "Documents" on this page.

  1. Wash your hands and the outside of the grow-kit.
  2. Using a clean fork make holes in the top layer of the grow-kit (remove lid).
  3. Fill the kit with lukewarm water to the edge and put the lid back on. Soak for 8 to 12 hours.
  4. Pour off any surplus water. Drain the kit for 10 seconds.
  5. Add lukewarm water to the grow bag. 250 ml for 250 cc and 500 ml for 1200 cc. Place the kit in the bag and make sure that the water does not end up in the kit itself.
  6. Close the bag with a cover and fix it with the two paperclips.
  7. Place the grow kit away from direct sunlight and not under a lamp or on the heating. The ideal temperature is 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.
  8. After about 2 weeks the first mushrooms will appear. Some species may take a little longer than others. Be patient and proceed to the next step when you see small buds appear.
  9. See any little mini mushrooms? Open the bag every day for fresh air and humidify the inside of the bag (but not directly on the kit) with a plant sprayer on the spray position. This will keep the fungus alive. Work clean at all times and make sure you don't contaminate the kit.
  10. Harvest when the flesh under the cap is threatening to come loose. Pull the mushroom out as completely as possible by twisting it gently left and right.

Once again? You can! Remove the old and dead mushrooms and place the kit overnight in the refrigerator preferably at a temperature of 5 to 7 degrees Celsius. Repeat the steps from step five but spray the grow-kit extra well before going any further. Not soaking wet but with enough lukewarm water.

Work Cleanly

And another tip. Go to work unbelievably cleanly. We’re talking gloves and a face mask. A shroom cultivation set is extremely sensitive to outside contamination whereby other fungi can grow better than your shrooms.

Maximum Yield

Now we're entering unknown territory. That's because there are many factors that influence the mushroom harvest and we can only advise you to grow mushrooms our way. Of course the small kit will yield less mushrooms than its big brothers, but things like ambient temperature and humidity turn out to be very important. Besides that you can also grow multiple flushes with each new magic mushroom grow kit. So we have an indication for you:

  • Small kit (250 cc): total of 100 grams in two or three flushes.
  • Medium kit (1200 cc): total 400 grams in two or three flushes.
  • Large kit (2100 cc): total 700 grams in two or three flushes.

*Keep in mind we’re talking about fresh mushrooms. Not every mushroom grow kit is available in all three sizes. 

How do Magic Mushrooms work?

Shrooms and Magic Truffles contain the active hallucinogenic substances psilocybin, psilocin and baeocystin. Together they give you a psychedelic experience which is comparable to that of DMT and LSD. The differences between the effects of various types of shrooms and magic truffles, such as the impact of the trip, its intensity and subjective experience are attributable to the relationship between, and total content of, these three substances. In addition, shrooms and truffles also contain other alkaloids which colour the experience - there has been less research into this.

In the body, psilocybin is rapidly converted into psilocin and attaches itself to some receptors in the brain. Psilocin occurs as serotonin - the natural hormone involved in learning, memory and a feeling of well-being.

The first effects will be felt after 15 to 60 minutes. A trip often starts off with a laughing fit and certain unobtrusive things suddenly appear to be striking. After this, all at once a wall or ceiling can display all kinds of patterns. With your eyes closed this effect can become intensified. A kaleidoscopic tunnel effect is often observed as well. The peak of the experience is reached after 2 to 4 hours. With a normal dosage you then see light hallucinations in the room, such as figures that are not there or you can hear voices. You can also suddenly start to think in a radically different way. As if you and the sofa on which you are sitting are suddenly coalescing into each other. Don’t be afraid of strong emotions because these smart drugs open up all kinds of doors! With a high dosage you can achieve transcendental effects. The possibilities including stepping outside of your body and a journey through the universe. Not for beginners!

A trip lasts up to 8 hours. You will not get a hangover but you may need a few days to process everything you’ve seen. A trip can last a lot longer in terms of your perception.

Are Shrooms Legal and Safe?

You are not allowed to sell shrooms. But grow-kits and Magic Truffles are not included under the law in this way. By the way, they are the safest** trip substances around because there are no direct negative side effects such as vomiting*, dehydration or a hangover after use. By comparison with other substances they are the least poisonous and the least addictive. Immediately after use you develop a tolerance to them and consequently they no longer work for a few days after the trip. After a week you lose this tolerance.

*Be aware that you can get dizzy from all the visual effects and that you may vomit if you find the mushrooms unpleasant.

** The safety of trip substances is dependent on the dosage, the set (your state of mind, body and health) and the setting (the environment, atmosphere and presence of a trip sitter). Treat trip substances with respect and preferably do not use them in public spaces or at parties. Don’t drive.

Dosage and Use:

Although we do not seek to encourage the use of shrooms, we do want to inform you correctly.A normal dosage of dried Thai shrooms is about 2.3 grammes. If you want to explore the other dimension a bit before jumping right in then you should take a lower dosage of 0.8 grammes of dried Thai shrooms. Experienced psychonauts can up the dosage to 4.9 grammes but be careful not to get completely out of your skull. 

Fresh shrooms are edible but many people are not keen on the taste. They often have a strong, somewhat bitter champignon flavour and are excellent in a dish. Whatever you do, don’t heat shrooms or put them in the freezer. That would destroy the active substances. A normal dosage of fresh (wet) Thai shrooms is 20 grammes.

Always use shrooms and truffles in a safe setting - best of all at home on the sofa with someone who knows how to act if it doesn’t go well for you. In that case it’s advisable to take our mushroom stopper to get you relaxed again (can be ordered together). Let the trip waft over you. For example, put some relaxing music on and enjoy what these special natural products let you see.

Do not take in combination with alcohol, painkillers or other smart drugs.

The grow-kit will keep for about 3 to 6 months if stored in the refrigerator. It has a limited storage life if kept outside of a refrigerator.

Please note: this product cannot be exchanged, because its shelf life is limited and the product must be kept refrigerated.

SKU G-1802-1803-3107
Availability In Stock
Variety Thai (Psilocybe cubensis)
Required growing experience For beginners
Lineage South East Asia
Species Psilocybe cubensis
Strain Thai
Effect onset 15-30 min.
Effect Creative, Laughing, Talkative
Trip duration 2-4 hours
Potency Light
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