Jointmaker Joint-4

Jointmaker Joint-4
The Jointmaker Joint-4 allows you to roll a joint role quickly. You can fill four sleeves yourself in a few seconds, so you can make the most beautiful joints of all time! The cones can be bought ready-made, but you can also roll them yourself with the Rollmate. Medical users are often a great fan of the Joint-4! It can be of great use at your home as well! No need to buy any pre-rolled joints, with which you can save a lot of money.
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No one can beat the Joint4 with rolling by hand. Really within seconds you have four joints filled. The fastest way to make the best joints!

1: Buy cones or Rollmate
2: Place the cones in the joint-4
3: Place Tobacco and or cannabis in the joint-4
4: Shake and the joints are ready

Save Money

Of course you can buy ready made cones, but you can also roll cones with the Rollmate. The joint-4 is popular with medical users but also ordinary users find this a useful device. You can save money because you do not have to buy pre-rolled joints.

Conical Joints

In contrast to other joint rollers, this Joint-4 allows you to roll a conical joint. Standard joint rollers often roll joints in a straight shape, like a trunk. With Joint-4 you can make joints as they should be, without effort. The Jointmaker Joint-4 is made of plastic and is available in different colors.

Note: The Joint-4 comes without cones.


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