CBDA Tablets (Sana Hemp) 120 mg 60 pieces

CBDA Tablets (Sana Hemp) 120 mg 60 pieces
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Sana Hemp Juice tablets are developed for absorption of CBD-A. Each tablet contains 2mg / CBD-A. The recommended amount per day differs from person to person, yet two tablets are a good amount to start with as the dose can always be increased to your liking.
Sana Hemp Juice
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Sana Hemp Juice is the first to come with a special CBDA tablet. The tablet form is still relelatively rare on the market and therefore unique in its kind. Each tablet contains 2mg CBDA, made of hemp juice powder. An easy way to take in CBDA. A simple tablet you can take in during or immediately after your meal.

Sana Hemp Juice CBDA tablets

  • 2 blister packs of 30 tablets
  • 2 mg CBDA per tablet
  • Easy to take in
  • Fixed intake of CBDA
  • Unique thanks to CBDA composition
  • Total 120mg CBDA

CBDA tablets
These tablets only contain CBDA made of dried hemp juice. Thanks to this cold production method all CBDA is preserved, just like it is present in the plant. That's because CBDA transforms into CBD when it is heated. This is a process that can be used for the production of CBD oil, to obtain CBD extract.

CBDA is the acid form of CBD that contains a lot of cold-pressed oils. There are people who do benefit from this acid form and for this reason we have developed a tablet containing just CBDA. This ensures you get the substances you benefit from.

These tablets are unique because there is no other producer currently offering just CBDA. Consuming these tablets allows you to get your dose of CBDA in an easy manner. Apart from that, you can, if you'd like, take in additional CBD by means oil or paste, for example.

Easy to use
The tablets are very easy to use, you can swallow them as a whole. Just like capsules from other labels. Furthermore, the small package is easy to bring along and fits in any pocket or purse. Whether you got to your work or you are on holiday. So you will always conveniently have CBDA tablets at hand, to consume them when you feel like.

Dosage and use
You can take in up to 3 tablets after each meal. Put the tablets into your mouth and swallow them with with water or juice. It might be useful to keep a fixed schedule for consumption, and therefore it might by handy to take them in during your meals. Store the tablets in a dry and cool place.

Sana Hemp Juice
Sana Hemp Juice is a Dutch company that specializes in CBDA products. Apart from these tablets there are also special melting tablets and CBDA tincture available. The used fiber hemp is grown on organic, industrial hemp fields in Groningen. So it's a pure Dutch product!  The hemp is grown organically.


  • A box contains two blister packs of each 30 tablets of 2mg CBDA each.

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CBD and CBG are special food supplements to which beneficial properties are attributed. Still, it is important to read both the manual and our disclaimer for safe use.

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Additional Information
BrandSana Hemp Juice
CBD inhoud120 mg
content60 Tabletten
AvailabilityOut of stock

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