CBDA Orodispersable (Sana Hemp) 80 mg 40 tablets

CBDA Orodispersable (Sana Hemp) 80 mg 40 tablets
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Looking for CBD or CBDA that can quickly be absorbed through the oral mucosa? Sana Hemp Juice melting tablets are ideal for this purpose. The tablets are specially developed for absorption of CBD-A through the oral mucosa.
Sana Hemp Juice


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A completely new method for taking in CBDA: a tablet. A melting tablet, to be clearer. Simply put it below the tongue and ready. The tasteful tablet melts by itself and once dissolved, you drink something and you have consumed your daily dose of CBDA.

Sana Hemp Juice CBDA melting tablets

  • Sana Hemp Juice is the first manufacturer to offer a melting tablet
  • Made of dried hemp powder and therefore highly concentrated
  • CBDA 2mg per melting tablet
  • 2 blisters of 20 melting tablets per package
  • Contains the complete spectrum of plants in one simple melting tablet
  • Made of organic hemp
  • Easy, tasteful intake

CBDA melting tablets

This is a completely new product. Besides the fact that Sana Hemp Juice is the first to launch a complete CBDA product, it is also the first to offer a melting tablet. The intake is very easy and the same every time. The melting tablet is 2mg CBDA per tablet.


Many people ask what CBDA exactly is. It is the acid form of CBD and naturally present in the plant. Only by heating, CBDA is transformed into CBD. Many cold-pressed oils contain CBDA. It came to our attention that CBDA can have healing effects for certain people.

Unique composition

Thanks to the unique composition of hemp juice powder with high concentrations of CBDA makes this melting tablet unique in the Netherlands and abroad. No other manufacturer managed to isolate CBDA in such a way, and transform it into a concentrated CBDA product.

Easy intake

Sometimes it can be difficult to dose oil. Because every drop is different and by shaking strongly or softly the active substance might have a reduced presence, precisely in the drop that you take. With melting tablets you don't have this issue. Each tablet contains 2mg CBDA. And thanks to the fixed composition, it is easy to take in the same desired amount of CBDA every time.

Dosage and use

You can take up to 3 tablets after each meal. This is not obligatory, just a handy way to keep set times during the day. Put a tasty tablet in the mouth and let it melt by itself. After that, you may drink something because everything is already absorbed. The intake of the tablet is done through the oral mucosa. Store the tablets in a dry and cool place.

Sana Hemp Juice

Sana Hemp Juice is a Dutch company that specializes in CBDA products. At this moment, apart from these melting tablets, also tincture and ordinary tablets are available. All packed with pure and natural, original CBDA. Sana Hemp Juice produces these products sourcing from organic hemp fields of Groningen. A 100% pure Dutch product!


A box contains two blister packs of 20 tablets of 2mg each.

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CBD and CBG are special food supplements to which beneficial properties are attributed. Still, it is important to read both the manual and our disclaimer for safe use.

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