CBD Chewing Gum (Endoca) 150 mg 10 units

CBD Chewing Gum (Endoca) 150 mg 10 units
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You would like CBD paste in a syringe? You can now order your syringe with 14ml very powerful CBD paste 18%. This oil has a composition based on CO2 extraction and organic hemp seed oil. Now available in two flavors: natural and mint. The syringe contains CBD / CBDa paste 18% CO2 extraction MediHemp, 14 ml is equal to 12 grams, CBD / CBDa: 18% ±2200mg, CBD: ±1500mg en CBDa: ±700mg. Discover the advantages of CBD Paste.
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CBD chewing gum Endoca
CBD chewing gum of the Danish CBD producer Endoca is known for its fresh taste and direct uptake of CBD. Because the CBD is taken up already during the chewing through the mucous membranes, the effect is quick, effective and without aftertaste.

The properties of Endoca CBD chewing gum:

  •  quick uptake of CBD
  • no aftertaste
  • easy to dose
  • use it anywhere
  • effective CBD uptake10 pieces of chewing gum per package
  • 15 mg CBD per chewing gum

CBD chewing gum works directly
Because CBD does not enter the stomach but is taken up directly by the mucous membranes in the mouth during chewing, the effect of the CBD is immediately noticeable. The CBD chewing gum is easy to take along in your bag or pocket. Therefore this product is perfectly suitable for on the way or during holidays. Packed as any other chewing gum, it is a discrete way to take along CBD. 

Dosing is easy
The right dosage will never be a problem anymore because each piece of chewing gum contains (15mg) of CBD. By changing the amount of chewing gums, anyone can choose the right dose.

Fresh taste CBD chewing gum
The taste of the CBD chewing gum is fresh and clear, in contrast to the usual bitter taste of CBD oil. The fresh taste is obtained by adding organic mint to the gum of the rain forest. With pure CBD and Xylitol, obtained from birch trees, this is a completely natural product.

Usage CBD chewing gum
Do not eat or drink anything up to 15 minutes before taking in the chewing gum. Chew sturdy during approx. 20 minutes. Throw away in the waste bin after use, do not re-use. Shelf-life 1 year after purchase date.

Organic hemp cultivation
The hemp used by Endoca is completely organically cultivated. No pesticides or herbicides are used during the hemp cultivation. After harvest, no synthetic substances are added to this product, guaranteeing the fairness of this natural product.

Pure and natural

  •  No sugars
  • No preservatives
  • No chemicals

Certifying Endoca chewing gum
Organic hemp, No GMO, free of gluten, tested by an external lab. These are the guarantees that Endoca CBD chewing gum is best-in-class. Confidence is good but checks are better. Therefore, all products of Endoca are thoroughly tested and certified.

Content package:


  • 10 pieces of chewing gum


  • 150 mg CBD
  • lecithin from sun flowers (No GMO)
  • organic hemp seed oil
  • natural gum

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