MM Genetics

Medical Marijuana Genetics is a new and innovative cannabis seed label, characterized by developing high CBD content seeds. In contrast to the classic players on the cannabis seeds market, that mainly focus on increasing THC levels, this European company offers the very best of CBD-rich, feminized seeds. The prize-winning Candida was tested to contain 20% CBD and only 1% THC.

The award-winning cannabis seed producer MM Genetics specializes in CBD-rich strains. And what strains we get! Their famous Candida CD-1 seed grew into a plant with a 20:1 CBD:THC ratio, one of the reasons why they won several international cannabis awards. This 20:1 ratio is the highest CBD:THC ratio ever measured in a European strain. Great achievement for such a young company (2014). Just so you know, the guys behind MM Genetics are talented and experienced club growers, from all over Europe.

Medical Marijuana Genetics is a relative newcomer to the seed market, yet from its very start, one of the most popular producers of high quality cannabis seeds from Europe. Think of:

  • Candida CD-1
  • Green Doctor GD-1

MM Genetics - Candida CD-1

MM Genetics’ undisputed flagship of is the award-winning Candida CD-1. Candida was named after the mother of one of the founders of the company. It turned out that mother Candida benefited greatly from the therapeutic qualities of this cannabis plant.

MM Genetics worked hard to develop a CBD-rich strain with both a high CBD level and a delicious aroma. After analysis it turned out this stunner never contained more than 1% THC. On the other hand, Candida CBD levels are between 11 and 20%, making CD-1 one of the most potent CBD strains of the moment. In short time, this Sativa-dominant plant became the company's mother plant and the basis for a whole family of CBD-rich cannabis species.

Green Doctor GD-1

The Green Doctor, as this plant was named, is the first 2:1 CBD-rich haze of Medical Marijuana Genetics. As CBD is able to contain the effects of THC quite well, you can expect a more mellow high with GD-1. The aroma is packed with delicious lemon and pine scent, coming from the terpenes limonene and pinene. When growing Green Doctor you'll get a large plant with high yields. A well-cared-for GD-1 plant produces about 16% CBD and 8% THC.

Lab results

MM Genetics is part of a growing number of producers that encourage growers to test your own harvest on existing cannabinoids. These analysis show, among other things, how much THC, CBD and CBG your home-grown weed contains.

MM Genetics tirelessly continues its own development and analysis of new and strong CBD-dominant strains, varying from Sativa to Indica. At the Dutch-Headshop we offer you a selection of strains we back. Going to buy CBD cannabis seeds? You are at the right place here. Your favorite seed is not among them? Send us an email and we will directly check if we can order it for you. That's the service of Dutch-Headshop.


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