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Nutrients & Fertilizer

The plant fertilizer in this category is perfectly suited for growing cannabis plants. By using premium fertilizer like Plagron, you do not only keep the plants healthy but also increase the yield.

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Plant nutrition is crucial for every cannabis plant. Dutch-Headshop has the ultimate offer in plant fertilizer for perfect care of your cannabis plant.

Function of plant nutrition

The plant nutrition offered by Dutch-Headshop is for cannabis plants. Plant nutrition during growth is very important. The most important functions of plant nutrition are shown below.

  • Keeping the cannabis plant healthy.
  • Increasing the yield.
  • Adding nutrients to the plant.
  • Increase the plant's resistance.

Different phases

The growth passes various phases, including the germination, growth and flowering phase. For each phase, there are special products that contribute to the plant's health. However, there are also products that can provide nutrition to the plant from the start to the very end. Plagron's Box Top Grow 100% organic and the Vertafort Organic Plant Nutrition All-in-one contain everything the grower needs during the cultivation period. A seasoned grower can't do without these products.

Main products

Aside from Plagron's Box Top Grow 100% organic and the Vertafort Organic plant nutrition, there are several other important products essential during the growth of cannabis plants. The Power Roots root stimulator for example, is very important for root development and the Bio supermix soil improver increases the plant's resistance. The Green sensation flower stimulator makes it even possible to double your harvest.


Dutch-Headshop has as much as twenty Plagron products in its product range. Plagron is therefore our home supplier in plant nutrition. The company started 25 years ago as a small worm nursery and today it has grown into a producer that supplies substrates and fertilizers all over the world. Plagron has been one of the market leaders for more than 25 years. The company has fertilizer for every kind of grower and guarantees optimal growth performance.

Dutch-Headshop has it all to get everything out of your cannabis plant. Do not wait any longer, and quickly increase the harvest from your cannabis plant.