Aluminum Grinder 2 parts (Dutch-Headshop) 50 mm

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Looking for a grinder? Then go for this high quality grinder. The product consists of two parts and with a magnet inside. An ideal product to grind your marijuana better and faster. Fill the grinder, turn it around and the marijuana is crumbled. The weed is also crumbled uniformly, ideal for your own use! This grinder has our own logo, you wouldn't want to miss that, right?
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We proudly present you the grinder with our own logo!

It is a very good quality grinder. The grinder consists of two aluminum parts containing a magnet. The magnet keeps the two parts together. The pins in the grinder are made to cut smoothly through the material.

A grinder is a better and faster way to crumble the weed. Fill the grinder  and rotate the grinder and the weed is crumbled to the desired size. Once you've used a grinder you never want to live without and it's good this grinder can last a lifetime.

A grinder is an another word or cruncher. It is a tool that with which you can crush herbals or cannabis. The grinder has a number of advantages. The first is that the crumbling cannabis goes much faster. The second advantage is that the cannabis was crushed into uniform pieces. This makes it easier to mix with tobacco.

The "Dutch-Headshop" grinder has a special price because it has our logo!

SKU 0617
GTIN 8717624212734
Availability In Stock
Brand Dutch-Headshop
Material Metal
Grinder Parts 2 parts
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Aluminum Grinder 2 parts (Dutch-Headshop) 50 mm

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