Aluminum Grinder 4 parts 56 mm

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The aluminum Screen Grinder is slightly different from other grinders. In the upper side, the weed is broken in pieces and then immediately crumbled into fine pieces. When you turn around a few times, pieces get smaller. The grinder is of good and high quality and a nice alternative to grinding weed manually. The marijuana is ready in a few moments to put in your joint. Experience the ease of the 56mm aluminum screen grinder and you won't be looking further.
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This grinder consists of 4 parts and therefore is different from most standard grinders. In the upper chamber of the grinder, the weed is crumbled and crushed. After a few turnings the pieces are smaller and thus fall into the middle chamber of the grinder. The smallest weed pieces and thus the crystals or pollem will go throug the filter into the last room.

High Quality Grinder

The upper portion of the grinder is held together by a magnet. The other parts of the grinder works with thread. The last chamber of the grinder can also be used as storage. This grinder is of high quality, ie sharp teeth, magnetic lid, plastic ring for guidance.

Do you want a grinder of high-quality without being noticed? Then this is the one for you. The 100% aluminum grinder is completely without print and does not have any meaningless elements. We supply the grinder in various colors, so there is surely one amongst them to your taste.

The Grinder is very handy, Once you have used it I assure you that you will never want to do without. Just put your bud in the grinder twist two times and it is crumbled.

SKU G-0392
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Brand Merkloos
Material Metal
Grinder Parts 4 parts
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Aluminum Grinder 4 parts 56 mm

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