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Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer

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The Zeus Arc GT is the first portable vaporizer with GoldSink Technology. Various components are coated with 24-carat gold leaf which contributes to optimal heat and air conduction for pure and cool vapour each time you inhale. This exclusive portable vaporizer is suitable only for weed and other dry herbs. An absolute master in the field of dry herb vaporizers! In contrast to many other vaporizers, the Arc GT produces really large clouds of vape giving you the feeling that you are really smoking something. The Zeus Arc GT is a trendsetter in the field of vaporizer innovation and has many extras and benefits. Experience the convenience of one of today’s best weed vaporizers!

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GoldSink Technology

The Zeus Arc GT, designed in Germany, is the first portable vaporizer with GoldSink Technology. The herb chamber, the vapour path, the screen and the cooling element are all given a 24-carat gold leaf coating. Gold delivers an optimal heat and air conduction not previously achieved. The Zeus Arc GT with GoldSink Technology thus provides extra pure and cool vaping every session. In comparison to other vaporizers, the Arc GT produces very large amounts of vapour. You really have the feeling you are getting and inhaling everything out of the herbs.

Benefits of the Zeus Arc GT

  • Extremely compact Zeus Arc GT vaporizer, easily fits in your trouser pocket.
  • GoldSink Technology™
  • 24-carat gold leaf coating for better heat and air conduction
  • Large and tasty vapour production
  • Three temperature presets
  • Single-button operation means it’s very easy to use
  • Multi-functional Zeus Arc Tool, always within easy reach
  • Haptic feedback signals
  • Many cleaning tools
  • 22.5 mm x 42 mm x 87 mm format

Format and Design

The Zeus Arc GT is one of the most compact vaporizers on the market. With its 22.5 mm x 42 mm x 87 mm format, it fits comfortably in your trouser pocket and feels great in the hand. Apart from its size, this weed vaporizer has a fantastically sleek design. The Zeus Arc GT is made from anodised aluminium and is finished in a black coating with 24-carat gold components.

Zeus Arc Tool

A really handy extra and a big advantage for the Zeus Arc GT is the magnetic, multi-functional tool. You can use the Zeus Arc Tool everywhere and it’s always to hand because it’s magnetically attached to the underneath of your vaporizer. You can extricate herbs, clean out the herb chamber, move hot components and a whole lot more with this refined piece of kit.

Weed Vaporizer

The manufacturer of this portable vaporizer, Zeus Arsenal, has chosen to fully focus on vaping weed and other dry herbs with the Zeus Arc GT. Unlike other vaporizers with which you can also vape oil and extracts for example, this vaporizer was designed and built for one thing only: vaping weed. The focus on dry herbs has ensured that the Zeus Arc GT is an absolute master in the field of weed vaporizers.

Heating the Zeus Arc GT

The Zeus Arc GT uses a conductive heating method which really comes into its own more than ever due to the GoldSink Technology. The gold contributes to the air and heat conduction. The vaporizer can be adjusted with 3 temperature presets which you can read off from the LEDs on the side of the vaporizer. The first preset represents 205 degrees Celsius, the second 215 degrees and the third 225 degrees. The Zeus Arc GT heats up quickly and is ready for use after about 30 seconds.

You can adjust all three presets with the Zeus software that you can download from the Zeus Arsenal website. For example, set your lowest temperature to 160 degrees for a mild high - THC already evaporates at 157 degrees.

Zeus Arc GT Package Contents

  • Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer
  • Charging cable
  • Zeus Arc Spacer (reduces the size of your herb chamber)
  • Flow Sink Tool for the vapour path
  • 5 Grime Wipes (Alcohol cloths)
  • 5 Grime Sticks (Cotton buds with alcohol)
  • 5 Bristle Pipe Cleaners

Zeus Arc GT User guide

The Zeus Arc GT is fast and works superbly. If you tilt up the silicon mouthpiece you can immediately see the glistening herb chamber. The side of the vaporizer works as a kind of scoop with which you can shovel herbs (e.g. from your grinder) into your herb chamber really easily. The herb chamber has room for a maximum of 0.4 grammes of dry herbs. Do you want to vape less? You can with the Zeus Arc Spacer. This is a small glass item which fits precisely into your herb chamber so that fewer herbs can be accommodated and still have perfect air circulation maintained.

You can operate this exclusive vaporizer with its gold-leaf coating with just a single button. You can switch on the Zeus Arc GT by keeping the button on the top pressed in for a few seconds. The device lets you know its been activated through haptic feedback signals. You can then set the temperature preset you want by clicking twice. You can check which preset you have set on the Zeus Arc GT from the LEDs on the side. The lights are coloured blue when warming up. As soon as they go green you can start vaping.

You can easily check the vaporizer’s battery status by shaking the device. You can then see from the colour and the number of stripes how much power is left. The Zeus Arc GT tries to economise on battery power using smart sensors. When you haven’t used the vaporizer for 30 seconds, the lights go white and the device cools down. Shaking the vaporizer reawakens it and it quickly returns to temperature.


The Zeus Arc GT has a very powerful battery. You cannot change it but that won’t be necessary for a long time. With a fully charged battery you can enjoy around 90 minutes of pure vaping. That’s roughly 7 to 10 sessions, depending on session length and the temperature setting you use.

Warning: it is very important avoid using iPhone charging blocks, fast charging ports, or a lightning charging port, as this may cause charging difficulties, or hardware issues with the device. We generally recommend a non-fast charging power block, to charge the unit.

Cleaning the Zeus Arc GT

Zeus Arsenal has made sure you can thoroughly clean your Zeus Arc GT with the supplied cleaning tools. In the vaporizer box you will find 5 alcohol cloths (Grime Wipes) with which you can clean the entire vaporizer. The cloths are suitable for all materials. You also get 5 Grime Sticks (cotton buds with alcohol) and 5 Bristle Pipe Cleaners with which you can sweep out and clean the gold herb chamber and the gold vape path. Also provided is the Flow Sink Tool, a metal rod which you can insert into the vape path of your Zeus Arc GT to extricate and clean your gold filter. All the mess left behind in your vaporizer can be removed in no time at all with the supplied tools. This means you can continue to enjoy the best vaping experience time after time.

Zeus IceBorn - Ice Filter

As well as the vaporizer package, we have an exclusive accessory which you can choose. The Zeus IceBorn is a revolutionary ice filter which you connect to your Zeus Arc GT. The IceBorn is a kind of bowl made from high-quality and durable material which you can fill with water. You then freeze the IceBorn and a day later attach it to your vaporizer with silicon air hoses.

The IceBorn filters the vape from your vaporizer through ice. The result: even cooler and ‘smoother’ vaping. Moreover, thanks to the cool smoke you can take deeper and longer drags and you produce gigantic clouds of vape nearly as big as with a real joint. A real asset for your Zeus Arc GT and an enrichment of your vaping experience.

About Zeus Arsenal

Zeus Arsenal strives to produce high-quality products which are suitable for both the gods as well as mere mortals. Every day they dream about how they can make the vape from their vaporizers even better. It is their mission to provide progressive products ‘for the connoisseurs of tomorrow’ and they strive to continually forge ahead with innovation in the field of vaporizers.

The Canadian company works in collaboration with a German engineering team that is constantly thinking up solutions for vaporizers. The German developers think and work with an utmost precision which is unrivalled on the market. Data and experiences are used so as to develop on a daily basis the world’s best vaporizer.

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Brand Zeus
Method Direct with Heatcup
Inhale Direct
Temperature Adjustable
Adjustable airflow No
Highest temperature €225.00
Lowest temperature €205.00
Heat-up Time €80.00
Portable Vaporizer Yes
Number of sessions per battery charge 7-10 Sessions
Oven Volume €0.40
Oven material Metal
Auto switch off Yes
Best Vape Ever! Love the Iceborn Tool <3
Review by KimboWilne

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