Replacement Heating Element (2 pieces) | Utillian 5

Replacement Heating Element (2 pieces) | Utillian 5

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Replace your coils on time to keep the taste of your Utillian 5 vaporizer in top condition. These replacement coil sets are available in two types. Each set contains two brand new coils. Order the Twisted Kanthal or the Triple Titanium coils and they will be sent to you quickly.

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Replacing your Utillian 5 Coil

When you're ready for a fresh start with your Utillian 5 vaporizer, it's best to replace the coil. These transfer heat from the atomizer to your wax, so they are in direct contact with what you put in your vape pen. No problem, that's what they are made for. However, over time, the coils start to crust and the taste of your vapour starts to deteriorate. As soon as you notice that, it's time to replace your coils.

This pack is available in two "flavours". Both sets contain two of the same coils.

Difference Twisted Kanthal & Triple Titanium

The difference between the two types of coils is the way of construction and the chosen material. The Twisted Kanthal coil is ideal if you like to vape smaller quantities and thicker concentrates and best for all-round vape experiences. The Triple Titaniums are especially suitable for thinner concentrates and longer sessions.

Content of package Twisted Kanthal

  • 2x 4mm Twisted Kanthal Ceramic Coil

Content of package Triple Titanium

  • 2x Triple Titanium Ceramic Coil

About Utillian

Utillian strives to provide the best vaporizers by making reliable devices from high quality materials. The company offers high quality at an affordable price. The models of the Canadian brand are suitable for all kinds of smoking materials. From budget vaporizers to high-quality concentrate vape pens: at Utillian you get your money's worth.

SKU G-2458
Brand Utillian
Material Metal
For vaporizers Utillian 5
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Replacement Heating Element (2 pieces) | Utillian 5

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