Turmeric Tea Golden Ginger (Taka Turmeric) 15 sachets

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Turmeric and ginger do not only look like one another; they also fit together very well! That’s proven with this excellent, beneficial tea by TAKA Turmeric with Golden Ginger. The delicious organic blend of turmeric and ginger provides a warming and invigorating effect. The black pepper and coconut increase the effect of the active ingredient in turmeric: Curcumin. Do not wait any longer for the perfect turmeric tea: order Golden Ginger.

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Experience the glow of warming ginger and turmeric with Golden Ginger from TAKA Turmeric. Tastefully supplemented with lemon, coconut and herbs. Tea from TAKA is well-thought tea; you will taste that. This heart-warming tea is invigorating and will not make you suffer from sleepless nights. TAKA Turmeric tea is naturally without caffeine, making it particularly suitable as a drink for during the day and evening.

  • 15 closed, unbleached tea bags with coconut, lemon, turmeric and ginger
  • Add some lemon and honey for a softer, sweeter taste
  • A cup of caffeine-free pleasure; perfect for any moment of the day
  • 100% organic spices

Turmeric and Ginger: Warming Tea by TAKA Turmeric

As turmeric and ginger are somewhat similar, it seems natural to combine these healthy roots. Yet, there is nothing obvious with the exactly equal ratio. TAKA Turmeric managed to offer a delicious turmeric / ginger tea with Golden Ginger. Apart from these beneficial and warming roots, Golden Ginger is flavored with coconut, lemon peel, rosehip, fenugreek and a pinch of black pepper; all of organic origin.

Organic Turmeric Products by TAKA Turmeric

This product is organically certified. All the ingredients of TAKA Turmeric tea, smoothies and drinks are grown, harvested and transported with the utmost care before they meet each other. Interesting fact is the ingredients come from all over the world. Yet, wherever their origin, the delicious ingredients have in common they are perfectly suitable in any halal, vegan or whole food diet. The products are naturally free of caffeine, preservatives, artificial flavor enhancers and colorants.

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric is a powerful smelling and flavoring spice, with a fascinating history. The fleshy root of the turmeric plant is being dried and ground into a fine powder with a radiant, golden color. It is both the cornerstone of Indian curries and the key ingredient of traditional Ayurvedic philosophy.

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) provides that special warming touch which is so characteristic of many peppers. Although turmeric by itself is not very distinctive, it works transforming in combination with other herbs and spices. In the right proportions it turns into a pleasure symphony difficult to imagine.

Beneficial characteristics are attributed to turmeric. For example, turmeric contains the substance curcumin, a powerful anti-oxidant. Especially when black pepper and coconut are added, bioavailability is increased.

Package contents

  • 15 unbleached tea bags with 2.2 gram content (bag can be used several times)

User manual

  • Put the tea bag in large cup or mug
  • Add boiling water
  • Let it steep for 5-10 minutes
  • Enjoy immediately or add lemon and honey


Turmeric 37%, Ginger 32%, Dried coconut 10.5%, Lemon peel 10%, Rosehip, Fenugreek, Black pepper.

From 100% certified organic cultivation (GB-ORG-05)

TAKA Turmeric

Discover TAKA Tumeric's tasty drinks; the small-scale mother-daughter company with an infinite perspective. Their love for health, nutrition and natural remedies are the guiding principle of the vision of the founders Talia and Karen. Inspired by the natural strength of turmeric and the support of a local community, Talia and Karen see their products reach the outskirts of the world.

Brand Taka Turmeric
GTIN 5060514450048
Organic Yes
Product Type Thee
Content 15 sachets
Vegan Yes
Ingredients Kurkuma 37%, Gember 32%, Gedroogde kokosnoot 10,5%, Citroenschil 10%, Rozenbottel, Fenegriek, Zwarte peper
SKU 1481
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Turmeric Tea Golden Ginger (Taka Turmeric) 15 sachets

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