Round Spinner Ashtray - Black (90 mm)

Round Spinner Ashtray - Black (90 mm)
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Looking for a nice ashtray? Take a look at the round, rotating ashtray, 90 mm in length and with a black bottom. The top side is silver colored. The ashtray is closed by default, which means odor nuisance stays at minimal levels. When you press the top, the ash tray opens. The cigarette or joint will completely disappear in the ashtray. A long-lasting, good quality metal ashtray. Purchase it now!


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Sealable ashtray

The super handy swivel-ashtray. Multifunctional ashtray for inside or outside. Made from sturdy aluminum. This ashtray is 90 mm wide and has a nice design with a black bottom and silver top. The sealable ashtray has 3 notches and conceals cigarette butts and residue from joints. The metal ashtray is durable and good quality. In short: a super handy swivel-ashtray for a small price. You pay even less then a pack of cigarettes.

Ashtray preventing stench

The advantage of this ashtray is that it stays closed and doesn't emit odours. Ashtrays don’t smell good and because this ashtray is closed, odours are limited. The moment you press the top button the ashtray will open and spin, collecting ash and used cigarettes or joints.

All that for less than a pack of cigarettes


  • Aluminum swivel-ashtray
  • Sealable
  • 90 mm wide
  • Ashtray for inside or outside
  • Diminishes stench
  • Conceals cigarette butts or joints

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