Roll Tray Wood

Roll Tray Wood
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Would you like to roll joints and then store your stuff neatly? Then the Rol Box is a great asset. It is a simple, functional roll box. It is very solid and easy to carry. There´s enough space to fit accessories. You can bring your papers, tips, and weed. There is also space to prepare your joint. It is essential if you roll your own joints and you´re on the road a lot and feel like smoking.


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Nice wooden roll-box or roll-tray for rolling your joints and storing your stuff.  A simple but very functional roll-box for protecting your joints and stuff. The roll-box is sturdy and easy to carry along.
There is enough room to keep the different accessories that you need when rolling the perfect joint. There is room for your cigarette paper pack and there are two compartments for your tips and cannabis.
Furthermore, the roll-box has a special place for preparing your joint, where you can lay a cigarette paper and fill it up to obtain a perfect joint.

In short, the roll-box is indispensable for those who really enjoy smoking at the beach, in nature or at a festival.

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