Passionflower [Passiflora incarnata] 20 grams

Passionflower [Passiflora incarnata] 20 grams

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A plant with wide-ranging effects! You can use passion flower as a natural relaxant, a sleeping aid or a smart drug. You get 20 grammes of finely ground and dried passion flower in a convenient resealable bag. In addition to other uses, you can put passion flower in the vaporizer at 154°C. Read the product description below carefully for the effects and usage.

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Passion flower is a delightfully smelling, psychedelic-looking flower from the tropics which also grows really well in gardens in the Netherlands. The leaves and twigs are used for relaxation and as a natural aid to sleeping. Please note that it’s the leaves and tiny twigs which you get and not the flowers. Passion flower is the name of the plant

Effects of Passion Flower

The herb is used for its relaxing and sleep-inducing properties. You can make a really relaxing melange by combining it with lavender or chamomile, for example. At higher dosages, passion flower is mildly narcotic and euphoric, and comparable to a couple of hits from a joint. Passion flower contains MAO inhibitors like harmine, and in combination with a plant that contains DMT a substantial trip (and nausea) can be induced.

Rest assured that if you use passion flower on its own and don’t vape huge amounts of it in your vaporizer then all that will happen is you’ll get a bit sleepy.

What Temperature for the Vaporizer?

You can vape passion flower (Passiflora incarnata) at a temperature between 150°C and 175°C. Can you set your vaporizer to a precise temperature? In that case, set it to 154°C. A few drags are enough to get the relaxing effects. Several sessions are needed to get the narcotic and euphoric effects. Combines well with chamomile and lavender. Be careful with other combinations.

Brewing Passiflora incarnata Tea

You can also brew tea with these herbs. Use a fine tea sieve or tea egg for that. Fill the sieve or egg with herbs and leave it to steep in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. Then enjoy it!

Not Suitable for Smoking

Our herbs are not designed for smoking. Smoking herbs is unhealthy due to the burning and we therefore don’t recommend it.

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  • 20 grammes of passion flower (Passiflora incarnata)
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Passionflower [Passiflora incarnata] 20 grams

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