Joint Rolling Pouch Large (Original Kavatza)

Joint Rolling Pouch Large (Original Kavatza)
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Are you looking for a leather pouch with which you can easily roll a joint and also keep your stash in? Then this large Joint Roller pouch from Kavatza is just right for you. It has a place for your paper, tip, grinder, lighter, weed and tobacco. The pouch contains a wooden board with a rammer giving you a great place to roll a joint wherever you are. It has a suede exterior and a leather interior. You have everything you need in one place and it looks good as well. This Kavatza Large Joint Roller Pouch is nice and big so you can also use it as a shag or tobacco pouch. Buy this functional pouch and see how handy it is. A must have for every smoker.

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Kavatza Pouch

This is an original, unique and very practical Kavatza Pouch made of soft, high quality leather. The large joint rolling pouch contains everything you need for rolling joints. There is room to store all your supplies, such as rolling paper, tobacco, lighters, filter tips, weed, etc. The Joint Rollers pouch is hard-wearing and made of all natural materials.


  • Model: Pouch P4 Brownie
  • Large version of Kavatza original Joint Rolling Case
  • Suede exterior
  • Leather interior
  • Curved wooden rolling base with rubber band and rammer
  • Large enough for a packet of shag or tobacco
  • Space for all your rolling requisites: tip, paper, lighter, grinder, weed, tobacco and more.

Shag Pouch

The case or pouch is designed for smokers who mix their smoking materials with tobacco. This Joint Roller Pouch is somewhat bigger than a normal pouch so it makes an excellent shag or tobacco pouch. It is fitted with two compartments on the inside. The rear compartment can be used for storing smoking materials like shag, tobacco or weed while the front compartment can house all the other necessities for rolling.

Joint Rolling

With this Kavatza Pouch you always have a good place for rolling a joint. The pouch features a curved wooden rolling base with a rubber band to hold the rolling paper in its place. The stuffing prong can be used to compact the smoking materials. The two leather flaps on the inside are designed for you to put your packet of large papers between. You can put your tips in whichever compartment works best for you.

This Large Joint Roller Pouch from Kavatza is really handy if, for example, you go on holiday, to a party or simply want to have everything always at hand.

Original Kavatza Products

The storage products from Kavatza are authentic because of the use of premium, natural and durable materials such as wood and leather. Kavatza is a Greek word, it means your own secret storage place. Kavatza is market leader in the field of premium storage products for smoking supplies. By the slogan: Art is not a thing; it's a way, Kavatza designed authentic storage products that stand for quality.

Other products available from Kavatza are their handmade wooden Joint Roll Boxes. There are also Kavatza pouches of various types and sizes. 

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