Joint Rolling Pouch (Original Kavatza)

Joint Rolling Pouch (Original Kavatza)
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From now on you can roll your joint with hash or weed at any place. Thanks to the Kavatza pouch. Ideal to use as shag-case or rolling tool when on holiday, going camping or visiting a festival. A durable product made of natural materials. The Joint Rollers Kavatza Mini Pouch is made on the outside of suede and the inside is of leather. There is a curved wooden turntable with elastic and a wooden stick to push the smoking contents in your joint. Always have everything available to roll a joint with the Kavatza.

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Rolling a joint with Kavatza

This is the original and very practical Kavatza Pouch, made of soft high quality leather and suede. This joint rolling case has everything required for those who want to roll a good joint - providing storage for long rolling papers, filter tips, weed, lighter, etc.

This Kavatza pouch is more compact than the Large Kavatza Pouch, so if you want to store a packet of tobacco in your Kavatza, then you should choose the Large Kavatza. A luxury shag-case or shag-sleeve with the same comforts as this product, but slightly bigger. It is possible to store a small amount of tobacco in the inner side of the small Kavatza pouch.

All Kavatza products have nice tools to easily and quickly roll a joint, either at home or when you are on the way. Original Kavatza products become so personal during its use, that you don't want anything else anymore.

Rolling a Joint Anywhere

A case or pouch like this is for smokers who smoke their weed in a joint or pipe. The joint roller case features two pockets on the inside where there is room for tips, rolling papers and a lighter (see picture). You can potentially use this product as a shag-case or shag-sleeve as well. 

The pouch has a curved wooden roll-base with rubber band to keep your joint on its place. The wooden stick is for pushing the tobacco or weed into your joint. The Kavatza pouch allows you to roll a joint with hash or weed in any place. Very handy for holidays, camping or festivals.

Properties of the Joint Rollers Case Kavatza Mini Pouch:

  • Model: Original Kavatza Mini Pouch Brownie
  • Exterior: Suede
  • Interior: Leather
  • Curved wooden roll-base with rubber band
  • Wooden stick to push the tobacco into the joint

Original Kavatza Product

The storage products from Kavatza are authentic because of the use of premium, natural and durable materials such as wood and leather.Kavatza is a Greek word, it means your own secret storage place. Kavatza is market leader in the field of premium storage products for smoking supplies. By the slogan: Art is not a thing; it's a way, Kavatza designed authentic storage products that stand for quality.

Other Kavatza Storage Products

The authentic handmade wooden Joint Roll Boxes are a beauty for the eye and do not reveal from the outside what's inside. Because of a hidden lock, you can't open the box if you don't know how.Another original and secret storage place for your stash is the Kavatza Rolling Book, disguised as an antique book with leather cover. Or the handy and original leather Joint Roller Pouch from Kavatza. Easy to bring along so you always have all your supplies at hand to roll a joint.

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