Joint Roll Box Wood Flower (Original Kavatza)

Joint Roll Box Wood Flower (Original Kavatza)
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The beautiful Joint Rolling Box from Kavatza is the ideal storage box for all your rolling tools. Sturdy, of good quality and decorated with a carved out cannabis leaf. With this luxurious roll and storage box you can now save all your Kavatza smoking supplies. A nice wooden joint roll box of high quality. You can roll a joint in it, but it also serves to save a joint. The roll and storage box has a hidden lock, so other people cannot access your joint and supplies. Though it must be said it is a pretty thin and vulnerable lock. It comes with a curved wooden board. This serves to roll a joint. Additionally, there is a spot for your cannabis, tobacco, long rolling paper, tips, lighter, grinder and much more.

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Kavatza Rolling- and Storage box

This is a deluxe storage and roll box from Kavatza and is for rolling and keeping all your smoking materials tidy and nicely together. The beautiful wooden joint roll box is nicely finished and of good quality. The deluxe wooden roll box for rolling and storing smoking materials has some special features.

  • Handy hobby box
  • Space for all your rolling necessities.
  • Concealed lock
  • Nice wooden rolling surface
  • Wooden pestle
  • Wooden ‘clamp’ for (long) rolling paper
  • Beautiful design
  • Leather Kavatza label

Hidden Lock

When the wooden joint roll box is closed, it is difficult to open if you do not know what the trick is. The joint roll-box has a wooden slide on the front which is very difficult to see and can only be opened by sliding the slide to the right.

The lock on the kavatza box is rather thin and vulnerable. If you use force on the box then the box will open and the lock will bend. Therefore we cannot provide any guarantee on the lock.

Curved Roll Base

The wooden roll box has a curved wooden base which is the perfect place for rolling a joint. The board is nice, big and smooth, making it easy to roll a joint on. This roller box also has a stuffer; you will never again have to search for a pen or cigarette to stuff your joint with.


On the inside of the lid there are two wooden clamps where long rolling papers can be stored. Also on the lid is the leather Kavatza logo, with this you know that you have an original Kavatza roll box.


The outside dimensions of the wooden box are 22 x 14 x 7 cm and you can store a lot of smoking materials inside.  It is nicely made and convenient to use; It is clear that a lot of attention has been given to the finishing. On the inside, there are a number of thin strips which look good and help the box to close better.

Original Kavatza Product

Kavatza is a Greek word, it means your own secret storage place. Kavatza is market leader in the field of premium storage products for smoking supplies. By the slogan: Art is not a thing; it's a way, Kavatza designed authentic storage products that stand for quality.

Kavatza storage products

The storage products from Kavatza are authentic because of the use of premium, natural and durable materials such as wood and leather. The authentic handmade wooden Joint Roll Boxes are a beauty for the eye and do not reveal from the outside what's inside. Because of a hidden lock, you can't open the box if you don't know how.

Kavatza Rolling Book

Another original and secret storage place for your stash is the Kavatza Rolling Book, disguised as an antique book with leather cover.  Or the handy and original leather Joint Roller Pouch from Kavatza. Easy to bring along so you always have all your supplies at hand to roll a joint.

All Kavatza products have nice tools to easily and quickly roll a joint, either at home or when you are on the way. Original Kavatza products become so personal during its use, that you don't want anything else anymore.

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