Joint Roll Box Book The Pi Unique (Original Kavatza)

Joint Roll Box Book The Pi Unique (Original Kavatza)
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If you are looking for an original joint roll box and also a secret storage for your smoking supplies, then go for this book from Kavatza. You will then have plenty of space for storing tobacco, long rolling papers, tips, a grinder, a lighter etc. The joint roll box is a beautiful, solid wooden box in the form of an antique book. Enjoy the benefits and discover what you can store in it. That is much more than you think!
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Storing and Concealing Cannabis

Are you looking for an original joint roll box and secret storage place for all your smoking supplies? This beautiful antique-looking book from Kavatza offers more than enough space to nicely order and store tobacco, long rolling papers, tips, a grinder, a lighter and your stash of weed.

The Pi Unique

The joint roll box or storage box is a very nice and firm wooden box in the shape of an antique-looking book. The cover of the book is covered with leather and studded with bronze corner protectors. On the back of the book the Gothic letters The Pi Unique are printed. When opening the cover, the cover changes into a lid and the book in a spacious storage box where you can also roll a joint using a bent wood rolling shelf and a wooden pestle.

The Pi Unique is ideal to put in your bookcase at home, but you can tak it with you as well. That way you have all necessities to roll a joint available and have a spot to comfortably roll as well.


  • Rolling Box in the shape of a book
  • Ideal for concealing cannabis in
  • Enough space for cannabis, tobacco, rolling paper, tip, lighter and more
  • Everything at hand
  • Provided with a wooden rolling board and a pestle
  • Rolling your joint anywhere comfortably


You can store quite some smoking supplies in this box. The exterior dimensions of the wooden roll box are 22 x 16 x 7 cm. The construction of the joint roll-box is very beautiful, decent and convenient; it is clear that effort has been put in its elaboration. For example, the inside is covered with thin pieces of wood which nicely decorates the box and by which the joint roll-box also closes neatly.

The wooden roll-box has a curved wooden shelf. This is a perfect place to roll a joint. The shelf is big and smooth, making it easy to roll a joint. In the joint roll-box also a wooden pestle is present. This way, you never have to search for a pen or a cigarette to tamp the joint.

Original Kavatza Products

The storage products from Kavatza are authentic because of the use of premium, natural and durable materials such as wood and leather. Kavatza is a Greek word, it means your own secret storage place. Kavatza is market leader in the field of premium storage products for smoking supplies. By the slogan: Art is not a thing; it's a way, Kavatza designed authentic storage products that stand for quality. Original Kavatza products become so personal during its use, that you don't want anything else anymore.

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