St John's-wort [Hypericum perforatum] 20 grams

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Like to smile a bit more? Order St John’s wort now from Dutch Headshop! 20 grammes of dried St John’s wort in a convenient resealable packet. You can put St John’s wort in your vaporizer at a temperature between 150°C and 190°C. In herbal medicine, St John’s wort is used to improve the mood. But caution is advised as this herb should not be combined with certain medications. Read the description and the disclaimer to see what to look out for.

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St John’s wort, also known as perforate St John’s-wort or common Saint John's wort, is a herbal remedy used in phytotherapy (herbal medicine). Nowadays, these herbs are also used in the vaporizer. St John’s wort works really well in a vaporizer but we just want to refer you to the effects in the following paragraph.

Effects of St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum)

The effect of St John’s wort is interesting, to put it mildly. St John’s wort can improve the mood. We say ‘can’ because the effect hasn’t been sufficiently proven scientifically.

Please note: St John’s wort has an identified effect on medication. It can reduce the effectiveness of contraceptive pills. Not to be used in combination with antidepressants, MAO inhibitors, SSRIs of clomipramine. This can be dangerous. Before ordering, please read the insert leaflet provided with your medication (if you use any) to see whether the taking of St John’s wort is mentioned in it. Consult your doctor if you’re unsure about St John’s wort’s side effects or general effects.

What Temperature for the Vaporizer?

Although the optimum vaporizer temperature for St John’s wort is 150°C, you can set your vaporizer to a maximum temperature of 190°C. This means that most, though not all, vaporizers are suitable for vaping St John’s wort.

Brewing St John’s Wort Tea

You can also brew tea with these herbs. Use a fine tea sieve or tea egg for that. Fill the sieve or egg with herbs and leave it to steep in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. Then enjoy it!

Not Suitable for Smoking

Our herbs are not designed for smoking. Smoking herbs is unhealthy due to the burning and we therefore don’t recommend it.

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  • 20 grammes of St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum)
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St John's-wort [Hypericum perforatum] 20 grams

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