Gram Scale 3001 (My Weigh) 1 Gram

Gram Scale 3001 (My Weigh) 1 Gram
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Weighing large quantities? Then these My Weigh 3001 Gramme Weighing Scales are just right for you. These digital weighing scales have a maximum capacity of 3 kilos and weigh accurately to the gramme. Ideal as kitchen scales but also handy at the end of the harvest. These gramme scales are perfect for weighing weed. They are supplied with a large loading tray in which you can place a large pile of weed. The My Weigh 3001 is made of steel, reinforced with ABS plastic. This material is really easy to clean so you won’t be stuck with a green deposit after weighing weed. You can weigh in grammes and kilos, and also in pounds and ounces. In short: digital scales for the bigger jobs.

My Weigh


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Grammes Weighing Scales

You don’t need particularly accurate scales for weighing large quantities (of weed). Weighing to an accuracy of a gramme is often good enough. These My Weigh 3001 Gramme Weighing Scales are perfect for that. These digital weighing scales have a maximum capacity of 3 kilos. On purchase, they are supplied with a large loading tray for placing on the scales and throwing in all the content for weighing. The material is specially made so it can be cleaned properly. Green deposits or other dirt can be rinsed off.

Specifications for My Weigh 3001:

  • Digital Gramme Weighing Scales from My Weigh
  • Maximum capacity: 3000 grammes
  • Accuracy: 1 gramme
  • Weighing unit options: g / kg / oz / lb / lb:oz
  • LCD display with backlight
  • Ideal for large amounts
  • Can also be used as kitchen scales
  • Tare weighing and hold-mode
  • Last weight memory
  • Automatic digital calibration
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Includes 3 x AA batteries
  • Overall format: 20.5 x 15.5 x 3.3 cm
  • Measuring platform format: 15 x 13.7 cm
  • Large loading tray included
  • 30-year warranty

Digital Weighing Scales with many Features

The My Weigh Grammes Weighing Scales have a whole lot of extras to make things as convenient as possible for you. The weighing platform is nice and large so you can put a lot on it. The large LCD display with red backlight is extra large and easy to read. There is a hold-mode which you can use to remember weighing results. The digital scales remember the last session so if you’re busy doing something else they may turn off (automatic shut-off). Don’t worry, your data is saved. If your My Weigh gets out of sync it’s really easy to get it to recalibrate automatically. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also do tare weighing with them. A function you’ll use a lot if you are working with the supplied loading tray.

Please note: if you are going to weigh with the My Weigh 3001, then make sure the scales are placed on a flat surface (spirit level) and ensure no air circulation is present. This can interfere with the weighing.

Tarra weighing

Tarra weighing is a handy function of the scale from My Weigh. you then only weight the content minus the bowl, dish or packaging. You put the bowl or package on the digital scale and then put it at 0, and then you will weigh the content only.This is easy, because you then not have to remove herbs or cannabis time after time from the scale, but simply can remove the bowl or dish and put the contents in your bag or container.

About My Weigh

My Weigh creates high-quality weighing scales and accessories for all users and has a reputation as an innovator in the weighing scales industry. From highly accurate precision scales to large shipping scales: My Weigh has something for everyone in its range. The company is focused on the development of ground-breaking digital weighing technologies, from a concept in the lab through to the customer’s home or business.

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SKU 1796
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Brand My Weigh
Scale Precision 1 grams
Scale Capacity 650 grams

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