Galangal Shredded [Alpinia Galanga] (Herbs of the Gods) 50 grams

Galangal Shredded [Alpinia Galanga] (Herbs of the Gods) 50 grams
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Galangal is used as a taste enhancer or as sexual stimulator. The herb has a strong taste, and resembles clove. The appetite and vitality is improved after ingestion. It also has positive effects on your blood circulation and your nervous system. Your concentration gets stronger with Galangal. You can chew it, and after swallowing you will quickly notice you will warm up. You can notice a change in perception and clear thinking with Galangal.
Herbs of the Gods


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Galangal is an herb with hallucinogenic effects which is also used as a flavour enhancer or sexual stimulant. The Galanga root has a strong flavour, similar to that of cloves.  It is in the same family as ginger, and has several culinary uses.  It improves appetite and vitality.
Galangal also has positive effects on the circulatory and central nervous system. Use of Galangal improves both thinking and concentration.

Chewing and swallowing a few teaspoons of Galangal can lead to mild psychoactive effects. You experience warm feelings, changes in perception and clear thinking. Mild visual effects or hallucinations are experienced with larger quantities of ground Galangel.

Galangal can be chewed, made into tea, or dissolved in a hot or cold drink.  1 to 10 grams of ground Galangal should be used, depending on the desired effect. Use the dose that will give you a satisfactory effect.
When making tea you can add honey or peppermint leaves to improve the taste.
Small amounts of Galangal can be used daily to stimulate the circulatory and nervous systems.
Galangal can be added to rice or other dishes as a condiment. A tablespoon of Galangal added to rice can be used as the foundation for many dishes. You can add honey to obtain a spicy meal. You can also add damiana if desired.

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