CBD Capsules | CBDA Booster (Sana Hemp Juice) 5 mg 30 caps

CBD Capsules | CBDA Booster (Sana Hemp Juice) 5 mg 30 caps
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You want to receive all the benefits of the hemp plant in a simple way? The CBDa Booster Capsules from Sana Hemp Juice are the best option to have at home. With one or two capsules per day you receive all the healthy substances you need. You also exactly know the amount of CBD-A you consume per capsule. Don't complicate, order the CBDa Booster Capsules at the Dutch-Headshop!

Sana Hemp Juice


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CBDa Booster Capsules from Sana Hemp Juice is the newest addition to the Dutch-Headshop range. An easy to consume capsule that provides you all healthy substances the hemp plant has to offer, while you taste nothing. The right boost of cannabidiol in each capsule.


Sana Hemp Juice's CBDa Booster Capsules helps the human body stay fit. The capsules consist of 100% natural substances and have a fixed amount of CBD-A per capsule. Of course, the CBDa Booster Capsules have many more beneficial properties. These specific benefits are shown below.

  • Made from non-psychotic hemp
  • Fresh, freeze-dried hemp powder
  • Full spectrum of essential nutrients, obtained from hemp
  • Super concentrated CBD-A
  • 100% natural hemp
  • Soluble in water

Effect CBD-A Booster capsules

Sana Hemp Juice’s CBDa Booster capsules are made of raw hemp juice powder. One capsule contains 5 mg of CBD-A and 0.4 μg of Vitamin B12. It provides you with more energy and helps against fatigue. Furthermore, the capsules are great as support for the ingestion of extra nutrients.


Recommended is to take 1 to 2 tablets per day. Do this on an empty stomach, or about 1 hour before a meal. The capsules are easy to take in, by taking a glass of water and swallowing them. Make sure you have enough water at hand when taking a capsule. Do not exceed the recommended dose of 1 to 2 capsules per day.

Contents of the package:

  • 2x blister package of 15 capsules (18.75 grams)


Sana Hemp Juice powder (5 mg CBD-A per capsule), Lucerne (Medicago sativa), Capsule (Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), Gelling agent (Gellan gum), Rice concentrate, Rice extract, Vitamin B12 0.4 μg per capsule (15% RDA).

Sana Hemp Juice

Sana Hemp Juice is a Dutch company specializing in CBDA products. Next to these tablets, Sana Hemp Juice also has available special melting tablets and CBDA tincture. The used fiber hemp is sourced from industrial hemp fields in Groningen. A purely Dutch product! Here, the fiber hemp is grown without pesticides.

Experience the excellent effects of CBDA Booster capsules by Sana Hemp Juice, by ordering them from the Dutch-Headshop. Quickly ordered, is quickly at home!

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CBD and CBG are special food supplements to which beneficial properties are attributed. Still, it is important to read both the manual and our disclaimer for safe use.

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