CBD Capsules (Jacob Hooy) 4% 20 mg

CBD Capsules (Jacob Hooy) 4% 20 mg

Don’t want to mess around with drops of CBD oil? Then try out these Jacob Hooy CBD capsules. With these you always get the same amount of CBD, namely 20 mg per capsule. Take 1 every day and you’ll be getting a good dosage. Super convenient! The capsules are proof against heartburn and suitable for vegetarians. Because these Jacob Hooy CBD oil capsules are based on hemp seed oil, you also get the health benefits of that as well. Choose between a jar of 30 or 60 capsules and experience the convenience of taking CBD capsules from the Jacob Hooy quality brand!

Jacob Hooy
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Jacob Hooy CBD Capsules

Discover what CBD oil can mean for you with these capsules from Jacob Hooy. You always get a good dosage of 20 mg with these capsules. The oil in these capsules is equivalent to 4% CBD oil. One capsule per day is sufficient. This means that a jar of 30 capsules will keep you going for about a month. Are you a vegetarian? Don’t panic! The capsules are suitable for you as well and they are also proof against heartburn. In short: do you want the best quality CBD oil that’s also the easiest to take? If so, then these Jacob Hooy CBD Capsules are just what you’re looking for!

  • Vegetarian CBD capsules
  • From the quality Dutch brand of Jacob Hooy
  • Easy to take - no messing around with drops
  • CBD oil based on hemp seed oil
  • ~20 mg CBD and CBDA per capsule
  • Total package content: 1200 mg CBD
  • Equivalent to 4% CBD oil
  • Proof against heartburnProof against heartburn 
  • Choose from jars of 30 or 60

Why CBD Capsules?

Jacob Hooy CBD capsules consist of hemp seed oil and dissolved cannabinoids that ensure an optimal effect on body and soul. All healthy substances from the hemp plant are compacted into a tiny capsule. The product is especially suited for people who, because of the taste, do not like taking CBD oil. In addition, with CBD Capsules you always know for sure that you are taking the same dose. The good thing is that with CBD Capsules you only have to take something once a day. With a jar of 60 capsules you can therefore go about 2 months ahead.

Based on Hemp Seed Oil

This highly concentrated CBD Oil from Jacob Hooy is made based on hemp seed oil. This means that the oil is full of vital minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Thanks to the hemp seed oil, your CBD Oil capsule is also rich in proteins and omega fatty acids (omega 3 and 6). A versatile oil to put it mildly.

Use & Dosing

Recommended is to start with one capsule per day. You can then increase the dose up to a maximum of 2 capsules per day. The dosage depends on the effect you are looking for. This may differ per person, as every person and everybody is different. The capsules are virtually taste-free. Take them whole with a glass of water. It’s best to take a capsule just before going to sleep or just after waking up.


Hemp seed oil, hemp paste (leaf and flower), hypromellose, gellan gum.

Jacob Hooy

Since the start as a herb stand almost 300 years ago, Jacob Hooy has grown into a renowned company. Within homeopathy, Jacob Hooy has become a familiar name with several authentic grocery shops. Even the Royal House consumes products from Jacob Hooy. With such history and status the company is allowed to call itself Royal Purveyor. Quality is priority at Jacob Hooy, and Jacob Hooy CBD oil is no exception to that.


CBD and CBG are special food supplements to which beneficial properties are attributed. Still, it is important to read both the manual and our disclaimer for safe use.

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Additional Information
BrandJacob Hooy
CBD percentage3% to 7%
content30 / 60 capsules with 20 mg CBD

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