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At Dutch-Headshop you will find the most popular feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds from the Humboldt Seed Organization. It is our mission to make you part of the success of the best cannabis seeds of the United States. These seeds form an unparalleled selection, for both beginners and seasoned growers. The cannabis strains from Humboldt Seeds all derive their properties from the legendary strains it all started with in the 60s. They are cultivated 100% organically and have a fantastic potential, yield and taste so you will be assured of the very best weed.

Blue Dream and its success in the US

Type "Blue Dream" in one of the well-known search engines and you will soon get headlines about the popularity of this Humboldt Seeds strain. Although one can of course speak of smart marketing, it appears something more is going on with Blue Dream than simply shouting Google headlines.

Blue Dream was the best-selling cannabis strain of 2015 in both the states Colorado and Washington. And also in "Cannabis state" California, the sativa-dominant strain is extraordinarily popular. One of the reasons to explain this popularity is that, according to growers, Blue Dream is a plant very easy plant to grow yourself. In the garden, the cannabis plant can reach a height of up to three meters. Therefore, this ‘tree’ can provide a substantial yield. Furthermore, Blue Dream is a strong plant with a high resistance to fungi such as mildew. But even inside, a single 1000 Watt light can produce a yield of a kilo per plant.

At the Dutch-Headshop, we think the success of Blue Dream in United States is mainly attributable to its effects. Blue Dream cannabis has an inspiring and motivating effect, something the artistic types among us are fond of. The high of Humboldt's Blue Dream is nicely cerebral - not super strong, but it does move you into higher spheres. Perfect for daytime use or making you more creative.

The Vision of Humboldt Seeds

Humboldt Seed Organization is an originally Californian company, based in the center of Humboldt County. With nearly 500 kilometers of rugged coastline, two mountain ranges and six rivers, Humboldt County truly is a protected wilderness, marked by giant trees. For this reason the focus of Humboldt Seeds is ecological, and focused on the preservation of this overwhelming nature. Humboldt Seeds stands in the midst of a new and transformative community, resting on a consciousness for the preservation of nature and environment.


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