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Medical Marijuana

Our medicinal marijuana seed category contains a selection of seeds perfectly suited for the cultivation of medicinal marijuana. One of the characteristics of medical marijuana is the relatively high level of CBD in relation to THC.

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The cannabis plants growing out of these cannabis seeds, have special properties for medicinal use. A selection of special seeds in this category:

  • Greenhouse Seeds' White Widow Auto CBD
  • Royal Queen Seeds' Fast Eddy Automatic
  • CBD-Crew and Grass O Matic's MED GOM 1.0 Autoflower
  • CBD Critical Mass from our own Dutch-Headshop label

What is CBD?

The seeds in this category are cultivated for their medicinal properties. For example, most seeds have a high level of CBD, compared to its THC level. CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is, next to THC, the best known of the more than 85 already known cannabinoids. Many beneficial properties have been attributed to CBD, including:

  • Ability to relax better
  • As a remedy for nausea
  • Taking away nervousness
  • Falling asleep easier

Research has shown that CBD can help in case of epileptic seizures, anxiety and rheumatic symptoms.

Furthermore, CBD has the ability to reduce the psychoactive characteristics of THC and thereby increase the clearness of the high of the seeds from this category. Preferably, this high CBD level is combined with a high THC level, the best is a ratio of 1:1. For the best result when growing medicinal cannabis seeds, give the same treatment to the seeds during germination and growth as regular cannabis seeds.

Buying Mediwiet seeds at the Dutch-Headshop

If you would like to buy medicinal cannabis seeds, in this section you will find marijuana seeds especially suitable for medicinal cannabis use. Therefore, buy marijuana seeds with CBD from the Dutch-Headshop. Discreetly packed, shipped and delivered quickly!